Copyrights and Licenses

By: Chloe Geddes



the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print publish, preform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material and to authorize other to do the same (Dictionary Definition)

What that really means:

It's the right you get as the author of a piece that says no one can copy, use, or share your work without your permission. There are many different section of copyright that do different things so lets get started.

Public Domain

Public Domain is when a material is NOT protected by the Copyright laws. This usually happens if the contract expires or if the creator passes away or if author is unknown.


Fairy Tales

Classic Literature

Why on Earth would you want to do this?

Well it would be helpful to you if you want your work to gain more publicity but you don't want to see bad things happen to your piece so you can Public Domain your works after you die!


Freeware means your pieces can be used, copied, and shared without a price or fee but can not be changed.




Why on Earth would you give your work away for free?

Once again people can easily access your work but they can not change what you have written.


Shareware happens if your pieces can be shared, used, and copied for only a certain amount of time but a full version can be purchased.




Why would I time how long people may look at what I have done?

People will be more likely to buy the full version so that means you get money yet easy access to your material.

All Rights Reserved

This is the most restricting of the Copyright laws because you have to buy the material and then can only use it according the to the agreement or terms.


Software you buy at the store

Why is this good?

You get money for your material and still have a little bit of control over it

Open Source

Open Source is where other people can edit what you have done.




So what?

Think of this as free editing