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Gaston Family News- December 3

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Important Dates


15th Early Release @1:30

December 20th- December 31st NO SCHOOL

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Ms. Lathrop's Counseling Corner

Guiding Our Children When the News is Unsettling

Following the tragedy at the Waukesha holiday parade, we have been reminded that often our children absorb media content that can be emotionally taxing, despite our best efforts to limit their exposure. With this comes the opportunity to help our children process these events allowing us to model working through tough feelings, a skill that they will need for the rest of their lives. Below please find some helpful articles about how to have these conversations with your children if you notice that they are struggling. As always, also please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I am thankful to be here to support all of our Gaston families.

NPR, “What to Say to Kids When the News is Scary”:

The American Academy of Pediatrics, “Talking to Children About Tragedies & Other News Events” (broken down by developmental stage and ability):

Kindergarten Learning

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Attendance Matters

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Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA)

The Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) program offers eligible households

assistance with current or late rent, energy or utility bills, and other housing costs dating

back to the start of the pandemic. (website

with more information and directions on how to apply)

In addition to completing updated forms applicants will also be required to complete a 2022

application for energy assistance. This application may be completed online at or by calling Energy Service Inc. 608-363-9200

¡Aprendí sobre el programa WERA y quería correr la voz! Es parte de Community Action aquí

en Beloit. El programa Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) ofrece asistencia a los

hogares elegibles con el alquiler actual o tardío, las facturas de energía o servicios públicos

y otros costos de vivienda que se remontan al inicio de la pandemia. (sitio

web con más información e instrucciones sobre cómo aplicar)

Además de completar los formularios actualizados, los solicitantes también deberán completar

una solicitud 2022 para asistencia energética. Esta solicitud se puede completar en línea en o llamando a Energy Service Inc. 608-363-9200

Gaston Bandits Home Reading Challenge

Gaston staff and students are excited about the Home Reading Challenge!

Let’s help all of our students participate in the challenge:

  • Ask your child about the books in their blue Bandit bookbag daily

  • Listen to your child read. Aim for 30 minutes a day. Consider breaking up the time into smaller chunks, such as 15 minutes before dinner and 15 minutes before bedtime.

  • Remind your child to take the blue Bandit bookbag back to school for more books each school day.

New School Start Time 7:30 AM

Dismissal 3:00 PM

Masks are required for all adults and children while indoors.

Gaston Spirit Wear- FREE SHIPPING from October 1st - 18th!

Gaston Gear available!

Orders over $50 have free shipping.

Order your Gaston Spirit Wear here:

Part of the money will come back to support our students at Gaston!

Student Arrival

Arrival Starts at 7:20 AM

Doors Open at 7:30 AM

4K, K, 1st grade- enters door 1

2nd, 3rd grade- enter door nearest playground

If you drive a vehicle to drop off your children here are a few safety notes:

  • do not park in the circle, driver stays in the car
  • PULL forward as far as possible, Child gets out onto the sidewalk
  • do NOT drop off at or very close to the crosswalk- this can create a dangerous situation near the crosswalk
  • when crossing the parking lot on foot, use the crosswalk for safety

Students will walk into the building independently.

PLEASE PULL FORWARD AS FAR AS POSSIBLE IN THE CIRCLE DRIVE- this avoids a traffic jam in the street

PLEASE USE THE CROSSWALK - this is the safest way to cross the parking lot

Student Departure- Quiet Dismissal

Student Dismissal Starts at 3:00 pm.

4K- picked up by a family member at the back door on McKinley Ave

K, 1- get picked up in the front of the school, West Grand Ave

2, 3rd- get picked up on Forest Ave

VOLUNTEER at Gaston!

We are very excited to start welcoming families back into the building. If you are interested in working with your child's teacher to volunteer for learning times or other events, you can get the process started.

Important Phone Numbers and Office Info

608-361-2300 Gaston Office

608-361-2305 Ms. Pam-Building Secretary

608-361-2310 Principal Lewis

608-361-2343 Asst.Principal Mr. W

608-361-2388 Mr. Williams School Psychologist

608-361-2312 Ms. Lathrop School Counselor

608-361-2341 Mr. Stempski School Social Worker

608-361-2319 Ms. Mercedes Espanol

608-361-2315 School Nurse-Alyssa

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Our Mission:

The Gaston community will honor diversity, and ensure equity, respect, safety, and responsibility among its members. We will work together to provide the highest quality, engaging, and culturally responsive educational experiences for our scholars while fostering a love of learning.

Our Vision:

Gaston is a safe, responsive, equitable learning environment that empowers every student to be prepared, confident, and successful now and in the future for the Beloit community and beyond.

At Gaston We Believe In:

  • ALL students. - All students can and will learn in a safe, calm, inclusive learning environment.

  • The WHOLE child. - Social-emotional learning and participation in the fine arts and wellness activities ALL contribute to a high quality education.

  • ALL students, families, and the community. - We are strengthened by diversity.

  • A diverse, inclusive and equitable learning experience. - Everyone belongs.

  • High-quality instruction and positive relationships with ALL students - Engaging instruction and trusting relationships lead to student engagement.

  • School, family, and community partnerships - These partnerships are vital to ALL students’ education.

  • ALL Gaston staff. - They bring valuable expertise to our learning environment - we believe in and lift up each other.

  • Lifelong learning. - There is always more to learn

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