Sea World's Killer Orcha in Action

A look inside an Orcha's killer side


In the documentary Black Fish Gabriela Cowperthwaite, successfully shows the negative impact of keeping whales in captivity at Sea World by showing the incidents involving whale trainers.

The Death of Dawn Brancheau

On February 24th Dawn Brancheau was performing with the biggest and most famous orcha known as Tilikum. In the beginning of the performance Tilikum's behavior was phenominal and efficient. Therefore he got rewarded. However at the end of the show he started to ignore signs which meant he would not get rewarded. This seemed to aggravate the orcha even more. As the show came to an end he knew he was not going to receive anymore rewards. Tilikum took the agression out on Dawn and took her by her arm during a relationship performance. Dawn died of blunt force trauma to the head, neck, and torso.

Ken Peters VS. Kasatka

The orcha Kasatka grabbed Ken's foot and repeatedly dunked him under the water for extended periods of time. Kasatka did this up to 4 times therefore it was not a playful act. Kasatka finally lets go and Peter manages to swim toward the safety net only to see Kasatka coming from behind him. Trainers that witnessed this said Kasatka made sure to keep Ken in the middle of the pool so nobody could save him.

Trainer Error Leads to Orcha Attack

A trainer was playing with an orcha without a spotter. She layed her foot on the orcha then took it off repeatedly. The orcha grabbed her foot and dunked her under the water several times. The orcha also got a hold of her arm. After being saved by the whale trainers the victim came out with a bent arm which was later found to be dislocated.