PRIDE Plan for Hallways

December 2, 2015

Survey Results

The following suggestions for hallway improvement from teachers included the following:

  1. Creating, posting, and teaching guidelines and expectations for students in the hallway and at their lockers (voice level, where to walk, not spreading out belongings, etc.)
  2. Have consequences for students that do not follow appropriate hallway behavior.
  3. Have students walk on the right side of the hallways inside and outside of the building.
  4. No running or horseplay. Hands to yourself.
  5. Lockers only at designated times, possibly staggered or only before or after certain classes.
  6. Allow students to bring backpack to their 8th period classes.
  7. Coordinate traffic flow in one direction throughout the building.
  8. No shared lockers or waiting for friends at their lockers.
  9. Distinguishing hallways for recognition or possibly group hallway areas in zones.
  10. Teachers and all other available staff present and actively monitoring in the hallways between classes, especially back hallway and outside hallways (this was the one suggestion repeated over and over).

Safe and Civil School Suggestions

Susan Isaacs from Safe and Civil Schools and other district employees visited our building the week before Thanksgiving and watched a couple of our class changes and hallway procedures currently in place. These were their suggestions:

  1. Have students walk to the right or establish traffic flow in one direction.
  2. Stagger locker use so not all students are going to their locker after each class period.
  3. Staff members need to use the time between classes to actively monitor and build relationships with students. They did not see a lot of positive interaction (or negative) during transition times between staff and students.
  4. All areas of the building need to be actively monitored during transition times.
  5. Hallway procedures and expectations need to be posted throughout the school in designated spots.

Suggestions for next year:

  1. Cluster longer classes together in the building. Language Arts and Math together (possibly on one hallway) and all other subjects together. This would reduce the noise level in certain parts of the building in areas that were not switching.
  2. Team Hallways so that students are only using one part of the building for their academic classes (this would reduce the distance students were traveling between classes).

PRIDE Committee Suggestions

The PRIDE Committee met and discussed the above suggestions and have agreed on the following new procedures:

  1. Coordinating traffic flow in a counter clock-wise direction throughout the main building. Will post arrows on walls to guide traffic flow.
  2. Distinguishing hallways and outside walkways as zones (Zone 1, Zone 2, etc.).
  3. Assigning teachers and other staff a zone to actively monitor between classes during two of the nine transition times throughout the day. All other transition times, staff will actively monitor area outside their classroom.
  4. Creating and posting hallway behavior expectations throughout the building (walk on right side away from lockers, no running or horseplay, monitor voice levels, no lingering at friends lockers, etc.)

Adoption Process

Below is a link to vote on the new procedures. We will vote on a rating system, 1-5. Ranking the new procedures as a 5 means you give your full support and help and ranking the procedures as a 1 means you do not agree with the plan and would like to be on the committee. Here is an example of the rating system as it would pertain to voting to have snacks at the next faculty meeting.

5 = I not only want snacks at the next staff meeting, but I'm also willing to help accomplish that task. I'll help decide what kind of snacks to have, help you carry the snacks into the meeting, and set them out on the table.

4 = I would love to have snacks at the next meeting, but I'm not volunteering to help. I'll certainly eat them if they are there.

3 = I don't care one way or the other. I might eat some snacks, I might not. I do not object to having snacks at the next meeting.

2 = I have some concerns. We have too many sweets in the lunch room and at meetings and some people are trying to diet. Healthy snacks might be OK. If everyone else wants snacks, I won't roadblock the idea.

1 = I absolutely do not want snacks at the next meeting.

If just one person votes 1 or if 10% or more of the staff vote 2, the hallway proposal will be rejected, rewritten, and re-voted on. If one person votes 1 then that person will become a member of the PRIDE committee and be involved in all other future PRIDE meetings and decisions. FYI - committee members do NOT get a stipend;)

If these new procedures are adopted, the PRIDE committee will work on a plan for training January 5 and implementation beginning January 6.

Please click on the link below and vote by 3:00 p.m. today, December 2. All staff members must vote. Thank you!!