Welcome Freshmen!!!

Let's get you started on your 9th grade year...

Welcome to English 9 young Freshmen!

Hello everyone and welcome to your Freshmen year! My name is Nicole Wajler, I am a student of Mrs. Allen's English 9 class. You may think this year will be tough, but don't worry! Yes, there will be many assignments, projects, and books to read, but Mrs. Allen makes doing them fun! Pace yourself and don't stress out. It's not as bad as people say it is. You will go through many stories in her class, and as long as you do your part it'll pay off later on. Don't procrastinate and keep up on your reading. All in all, have a great year in English 9! :)

What you will be doing throughout English 9

You will be doing basically what you have been doing in past English classes with a little more fun. Mrs. Allen will try to make English class as easy and as fun as possible. You will definitely be reading many books in class here are a few:

  • Hunger Games
  • Odyssey
  • Short stories (Large Variety)
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Poetry (Large Variety)
For the Hunger games you will be in different districts. You and your district will be competing in order to win a special surprise at the end of the unit....

Here is some of the stuff you will be doing in Mrs. Allen's class:

You will read some short stories, like "The Most Dangerous Game,"
  • No it is not a video game, it's hunting.
  • Let's just say what type of prey one of the main characters is hunting is very interesting.
  • Zaroff is the hunter
  • Rainsford is the other main character who plays an important role in the story.
The Hunger Games
  • You will read through the story with Mrs. Allen, on your own, reading aloud or listening to a recording.
  • Watch the movie after finishing the book.
  • Work on packets while reading and watching the movie.
  • Work with your district through many challenges.
Romeo and Juliet
  • You will read through the story with Mrs. Allen, either reading aloud or listening to a recording.
  • You will watch the movie and do a movie guide while watching and reading.
  • You will write about love. (brace yourself for Mrs. Allen's love speech) :)
  • We do many projects in this unit.
  • You will ask 3 people of different ages about true love and have them do a survey
The Odyssey
  • You will read through the story.
  • You will watch a movie on the Odyssey.
  • You will learn about Greek Gods and Goddesses.
  • You will make trading cards on the Greek Gods, Goddesses, and monsters.
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Independent Reading

  • Mrs. Allen LOVES books
  • DON'T procrastinate
  • She likes listening to students who love books
  • You have to explain what the book was beginning to end
  • If you liked/loves the book
  • Sticky notes help you analyze and remember important parts in the book
  • you are graded on these ^^^^
  • If you get Mrs. Allen talking about books, that conversation can go for a LONG time...

My favorite things:

I liked the movie Troy. I like Greek mythology stuff (or Ancient things). The movie and the unit kept my attention all throughout it. Odyssey and Troy kept my attention because of their story line.

Not so favorite things:

I struggled somewhat with some of the vocab. There were so many in some units. Sometimes they were confusing.

Advice for the new 9th grade peeps!!!

  1. Stay on task, but don't get distracted
  2. READ YOUR BOOKS! Everything will go smoothly if you do
  3. Stay organized! This class will be a breeze if you stay organized
  4. DON'T PROCRASTINATE! If you don't do what you're supposed to, you can lag behind
  5. Don't stress out! It'll be fine! Her class is so much fun and is very easy... if you study.

Top 5 ways to not stress out:

  1. If you fell stressed, take a break
  2. Go outside (if nice) and take a walk to clear your head
  3. Write down your problems or talk to someone
  4. As long as you can keep yourself calm and don't procrastinate with your work you'll be okay
  5. Read a book or draw what comes to your mind first. (It doesn't matter if you are a good artist or not, you can still do it!!!)
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These are some quotes by Eminem that I liked.....

IF YOU are nice to others... you will be treated the same

IF YOU have enemies.... you know you are doing something good.... They are hating because they can't do what you are doing, they are JEALOUS

IF YOU dream of success... you WAKE UP and WORK AT IT