Pony Tracks

April 21

Next Year and Staffing

I know we are all waiting anxiously to hear more about HB 13. In the absence of any state-level action, we must plan for a number of options. Many of you have been asking about placement for next year. Dr. Collins and Dr. Korenek are planning to come by some time this week to talk with me about how SWE will be affected for the 17-18 school year.

I will do my utmost to keep you up to date. My goal is to have grade level teaching positions assigned as soon as possible. I am sure you are all anxious to know if you will be joining a new team. I promise to do my best and thank you for your continued patience.

Several of you have approached me with candidates who are interested in joining our SWE team. Thank you! I spent most of Friday before and during our Earth Night, talking to some amazing candidates. Once positions are sorted, I may ask you to visit with a potential candidate; building, growing, and maintaining great teams is vital!


Please make sure you indicate your teaching preferences by completing this form.


Gentle Reminder

Please make sure your team posts their planning notes each week. We currently have one grade with all their notes posted. It is very important as the year speeds to it's close that we maintain clear documentation of our work as a community.

If locating where to post your team notes is preventing you from posting your minutes, here are links to each grades section:

Kindergarten (Web view)

1st Grade (Web view)

2nd Grade (Web view)

3rd Grade (Web view)

4th Grade (Web view)

5th Grade (Web view)

Encore (Web view)


Please make sure you are getting the names of your volunteers into Mrs. Shivar. Even if they only came once for an event or field trip, we want parents to know we appreciate their being with us.

The Rest at a Glance

Monday 24-Friday 28

End of year Benchmarks 3-5 ELA and Math

Wednesday 26

OCS Chess Tournament (Grades 4-5)

Wednesday 26

School Speech Contest (Level II) 9:00 am

Thursday 27

OCS Chess Tournament (Grades 2-3)

School Speech Contest (Level 2)


Double Encore is switched to Friday to accommodate Discovery Education coming to planning for grades 3-5 on Friday.

Friday 28

DOUBLE PLANNING Friday to accommodate Discovery Education coming to planning for grades 3-5 on Friday

3rd: 1:40-2:40

4th: 10:30-11:30

5th: 8:45-9:45

Principal's Meeting-Castle Gone

IST at Blue Creek 1-4:30 Castle and M. Starling gone

2nd Grade field trip to Tryon Palace

MAY: Monday 1-5

Staff Appreciation Week

Friday 5

5th Grade Orientation

Monday 8

AIG Testing (Grades 4-5)

Tuesday 9

Interims Go Home

AIG Testing (Grades 4-5)

Wednesday 10

AIG Testing (Grades 4-5)

Friday 12

Volunteer Brunch 8:30-10:30

Friday 19

EOY Benchmark Window Closes

Monday 29


Wednesday 31


JUNE: Thursday 1


2nd Grade Field Trip to the aquarium.

Friday 2

Online Science EOG Window

Monday-Wednesday 5-7


Fun Days times will be 8:45-11:00 and 12:30-2:45

Monday 5 K 8:45-11:00 and 1st grade 12:30-2:45

Tuesday 6 2nd grade 8:45-11:00 and 3rd grade 12:30-2:45

Wednesday 7 4th grade 8:45-11:00 and 5th grade 12:30-2:45

Monday 5

RTA Test for select third graders

Thursday 8

3rd Grade ELA Retest

Thursday 8 and 9 Friday

Fun Day Make-Up Date.

Friday 9

Last Day for Students/Report Cards

Monday 12


Student Class Placement cards due by end of day

Tuesday 13


8:30-11:30 PBIS

1-4 Staff Celebration: lunch is provided

Wednesday 14


Friday 23-Wednesday 28

ISTE Conference with Pinette and Jacobs