How to Become President

Four steps to become president


In order to run for president you must be a Natural Born Citizen, you must be 35 years or older, and you must be a U.S. resident for 14 years.

Primaries and Caucuses

Primaries and Caucuses are a very important step in the process of becoming president. This step helps narrow down the playing field of candidates in each party. At a primary, party members will vote for the candidate that they think is best to represent their party for the general election. At a caucus people also vote, however, Caucuses allow people to discuss candidates before the vote. To help dominate these parts of the presidential race a candidate should get there name out to the people quickly and efficiently. A candidate should also be sincere about doing this. Candidates usually focus on the Iowa Caucus the most as it is the first big voting type event and whoever wins usually has a good chance of swaying other voters after winning.

National Conventions

At the National Conventions each party will meet and announce who will be running for their party. If a candidate has won many caucuses and primaries through great advertising and sincereness they should be able to succeed in obtaining the sole spot of candidate for their respected party. When the candidate is announced at the National Convention they should have a good speech prepared to give to their party and to the public because the National Conventions are televised events. The candidate that's chosen also chooses a running mate to campaign with. If you don't succeed in being the candidate for the party you're in you can choose to run as an independent candidate and can still get on the ballot. To get on the ballot as an independent candidate you must get a lot of signatures on a petition to prove that he/she would even be worth being put on the ballot. It is also hard for the independent to get enough money for advertising their campaign due to the fact that they won't get money from the democratic/republican party anymore.

General Election

The General Election is when the people of America vote for the candidate that they think would do the best being president. Each person votes for only one candidate and their vote is kept a secret as long as they chose to keep it that way. This is one of the final steps in the process of becoming president. As long as the candidate has done a good job on the campaign trail they should have a shot at the general election. Before the general election happens they should be out meeting with people in the states, running ads on television, and sending their message throughout other forms of media.

Electoral College

There are 538 electors in the electoral college. A majority of 270 votes are needed to become president. The amount of votes a state gets depends on it's population