Freak the Mighty

The Friendship of two unlikely friends

How the theme relates to the book

The book relates to the theme, because it is a story about two boys who are completely different from each other. Something that Max said was "I never had a brain until Freak let me use his for a while". They went to the fireworks together, and the hung out allot. They were best freinds for him being huge, and him being so small.


Max is a really big kid who's parents are not with him. He now lives with Grim, and Gram. He knew Freak from daycare from when they were young. Max is a kid who likes to be left alone. He dosen't think he is really dumb"low self of steam". He lives in the basement of Grim, and Gram's house"The Down under".

Kevin "Freak"

Kevin is a small boy that has problems with his legs. He loves King Aurthor and the Knights of the round table. As a little kid in day care he use to chase kids acting like a robot. He thinks that he will be turned into a robot. He sadly dies at the end of the book from his heart got to big for his body.

Man vs. Self

I think this book is mainly man vs. self, because of all the feelings that are being said through out the story. Like when Freak is always called names. Also the ghosts Max's past always come and get him. Like that his dad is a murder. Also that hes a giant freak. All man vs. Self is a bad hunch thats on your back. Like Freak can't walk, and Max's father has changed Max's life around.