Spanish 1 / (MYP) Spanish 2


Contact information:

Teacher: Ms. Lindberg, Mr. Williams

Class: MYP Spanish 2/Spanish 2


801 S. Rio Grande Ave.

Orlando, FL 32805

407-835-2300 ext. 6092711

Class goals:

Throughout this academic year students are expected to learn the necessary skills to be able to communicate effectively in Spanish. To achieve this, students will be exposed to meaningful activities that will allow them to practice Spanish through the four language arts components: speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Students who take advantage of the course will be prepared to engage in real life conversation with an intermediate level of understanding. They will also be able to better appreciate the diverse aspects of the many cultures within the Spanish-speaking world.

Required materials to be brought daily:

  • OCPS-issued laptop
  • Laptop must be charged and ready to use upon arriving.
  • Students should always have access to the digital textbook Avancemos 1/2 for self-study and review when needed.
  • Students should also be a member of the Google Classroom group for their respective class period.

Major Units:

Spanish 1 Units:

This will be added soon...

Spanish 2 Units:

  • Lección Preliminar: a review of major concepts of Spanish 2.
  • Vocabulario: saying who you are, personality characteristics, daily activities and food, places in school and around town, saying how you feel, daily routine, making plans.
  • Gramática: subject pronouns and ser, adjectives, the verb tener, the verb gustar, ir + a + place, ser or estar, regular present-tense verbs, stem-changing verbs
  • Unidad 1: ¡A conocer nuevos lugares!
  • Vocabulario: going on a trip, on vacation
  • Gramática: direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, preterite of –ar verbs, preterite of ir, ser, hacer, ver, dar.
  • Unidad 2: ¡Somos saludables!
  • Vocabulario: sports and health, daily routines
  • Gramática: preterite of –er, -ir verbs, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, reflexive verbs, the present progressive.
  • Unidad 3: ¡Vamos de compras!
  • Vocabulario: clothes and shopping, at the market
  • Gramática: present tense of irregular yo verbs, pronouns after prepositions, irregular preterite, preterite of –ir stem-changing verbs
  • Unidad 4: Cultura Antigua, ciudad moderna.
  • Vocabulario: legends and stories, past and present
  • Gramática: the imperfect tense, preterite and imperfect, preterite of –car, -gar, -zar verbs, more verbs with irregular preterite stems.
  • Unidad 5: ¡A comer!
  • Vocabulario: preparing and describing food, ordering meals in a restaurant
  • Gramática: Ud./Uds. Commands, pronoun placement with commands, affirmative and negative words, double object pronouns
  • Unidad 6: ¿Te gusta el cine?
  • Vocabulario: making movies, invitations to a premiere
  • Gramática: affirmative tú commands, negative tú commands, present subjunctive with ojalá, more subjunctive verbs with ojalá
  • Unidad 7: Soy periodista.
  • Vocabulario: the school newspaper, family and relationships
  • Gramática: subjunctive with impersonal expressions, por and para, comparatives, superlatives
  • Unidad 8: Nuestro futuro.
  • Vocabulario: the environment and conservation, careers and professions
  • Gramática: future tense of regular verbs, future tense of irregular verbs, repaso: pronouns

Grading Policy:

40% - Formative Assessments: classwork, homework, participation, etc.

60% - Summative Assessments: quizzes, tests, oral exams, and projects

Letter Grade Scale

A: 100-90

B: 89-80

C: 79-70

D: 69-60

F: Below 60

Grades will be updated on a weekly basis. For your latest grade information please access Progressbook, the online gradebook used in Orange County via the following link:

It is the student and the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep an eye on class grades.

Make-up Work / Late Work Policy:

Per OCPS policy students may have one day, plus one additional day for every EXCUSED absence to complete missed assignments.

Late work will be accepted. But keep in mind that turning in assignments late will hurt your grade if you get too far behind. Generally speaking, work turned in late is low quality. Be sure to keep up on deadlines so you can be successful.

Also keep in mind, work that is turned in late will not be graded right away if the assignment has already been entered into Progressbook. Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

Hard deadlines for accepting late work may be established as the end of a 9 week grading period approaches.

Class Rules:

  • Speak only in Spanish.
  • Respect yourself, others, school property, and any classroom materials.
  • Be seated at your desk before the tardy bell rings.
  • Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on.
  • Keep food and drinks outside the classroom (water being an exception).
  • Water must be closed when not drinking and be placed on the floor.
  • Cell phones are NOT to be out at all. Students are NOT to be charging their cell phones anywhere in the classroom.
  • Each student is issued a laptop by OCPS. Cell phones are not necessary to complete classwork.
  • Behave in a manner that adheres to the Student Code of Conduct and our class rules.

Daily Procedures:

  • Everyday as you enter the class bellwork instructions will be posted on the SMART display. You have 5 minutes to complete this bellwork. A timer will be displayed with the time remaining.
  • After time has expired bellwork will be reviewed as a class.
  • Students are expected to bring their OCPS laptop everyday and to only use the applications and programs sanctioned by myself, the teacher, at any given moment.
  • Working on other classwork or visiting or using unsanctioned websites, programs, etc. could result in disciplinary action.

Extra Credit:

  • Each student will start out every 9 weeks with 100 points of extra credit.
  • Points will be deducted for undesirable behavior (e.g. talking out of turn, failing to follow instructions, etc.)
  • Students can slowly earn back points by displaying the desired behaviors.
  • These points will be entered at the very end of the 9 weeks.

Helpful Links:

Study, great for grammar review

Paso a Paso, great for additional vocabulary

Word, great English-Spanish dictionary

Classzone, Avancemos textbook web site