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General Chaplain's Remark

Back to School and Back to Sinh Hoạt

As the summer is coming to an end and a new academic year begins, it is my hope that each of you had a wonderful summer vacation with family and friends, and that you found time for relaxation and fun before returning to school and back to Thiếu Nhi.

What does “back to school/sinh hoạt” mean for you? As I reflect on the question, the acquisition of knowledge resonates within me. As human beings, we thirst for knowledge and to acquire knowledge, one must continually put learning, searching and discovering at the forefront. As you begin the new school year and weekly Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể activities, I invite you to put effort in learning more about your faith, religion, catechism, the Eucharist, our Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể Movement, and many more. This also mean to explore ways to deepen your relationship with God and with one another, which is vital to live as children of God.

In the month of October, as a Movement, we will launch the Holy Rosary Spiritual Bouquet Campaign with aim to mobilize our members to pay special devotion to Mary, the Mother of God. The Holy Spiritual Bouquet Rosary Campaign reminds us to pray the rosary everyday as an expression of our love for the Mother of God and to seek protection from her. To love and to honor Mary is also one of our five principles.

I encourage everyone to participate well in the Holy Rosary Spiritual Bouquet Campaign with piety, faith and sincerity.

May God bless you with abundance grace and peace.

Fr. Binh Nguyen, SVD

General Chaplain.

09/29/2018 - National Board of Executive Officers 1st meeting to outline the 4-Year agenda in Houston, Texas.

09/29/2018 - National Board of Executive Officers 1st meeting to outline the 4-Year agenda in Houston, Texas.

4-Year Agenda at a Glance

With Jesus in the Eucharist as the center of all activities, our initiatives for the next four years will revolve around our two overarching missions, which are; 1) to train youth to become good Christians and 2) good citizens in spreading the Good News. As Father Francis Xavier Gautrelet said in his famous exhortation prior to the creation of the Apostleship of Prayer, now, the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, to accomplish the above missions, we must become “missionaries through prayers and daily offering in union with Jesus in the Eucharist”.

To be missionaries, there must be initiatives to push our members out to the community. This is consistent with the current direction of the National Leadership Council in their recent change to our Movement's Anthem, “Tuổi trẻ Việt Nam, đem Chúa cho giới trẻ mọi nơi”. This is also the wishes of our Holy Father and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop. The Pope said to the youth in evangelizing, “go out, head for the periphery”, places where God’s children are being marginalized.

As such, beside the routine administrative functions of the National Executive Committee, such as streamlining the membership database, website, mobile apps, E-store, transparency in accounting, benefits to members, standardizing our training processes and resources, benchmark, Weekly Gospel, 4 national motto days, forms, and much more, below are some key activities to look for:

*Nationwide Living the Eucharistic Day Initiative: Mobilizing 100% of our members to make effort to live the Eucharistic day each day according to their current stage of faith formation. This initiative that in practical in nature and meets the cultural needs of today's youth will help members experience a conversion of the heart.

*3 Tiers Effort in Evangelizing: Locally at the Chapter level around the country, Chapters are invited to host "Come and See-sinh Hoat" to reach youth who are not involved in any youth ministry and are spiritually lost within the parish. At the League of Chapters level, they are called to seek out opportunities to introduce the VEYM to other Vietnamese parishes yet to establish a VEYM Chapter. At the National level, the National Executive Committee will engage with other national associations, ethnicities and cultural groups to share and promote our EYM model. Other opportunities for VEYM to be present include but not limited to World Youth Day, LA Religious Education Congress, Marian Days, Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network, USCCB and National Dialogue, and National Catholic Youth Conference.

*Building Relationships: Relationship is key and often we forget the importance of establishing good relationship with one another, and more importantly, with Christ. The Annual Retreat for CTM/LDT opens opportunities for League of Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents to let loose and truly focus in the discernment of faith free from the distraction of planning and organizing responsibilities. The Bi-Annual Gathering of Chaplains and Religious Brothers and Sisters provides rich opportunities for connecting with local Chaplains and Clergy Chaplain Assistants in an effort to communicate and build relationships with Chaplains. Last but not least, the grand and highly anticipated 7th National Coming to the Promised Land. This rare event brings together VEYM members around the country and guests around the world to join in spirit, fun, laughter, and most importantly, in celebration of the Eucharist.

*Charity: The Annual VEYM Heroes afford the opportunity for local Chapters around the country to plan and execute a community charity project that coincides with any of the seven corporal works of mercy. Chapters may submit their completed project for a chance to win one of the top three VEYM Heroes cash prizes to further support their charity project. The first year winners will be announced at the grand 7th Coming to the Promised Land Convention. All submissions will be recognized. Parallel with that effort, the VEYM will establish a separate charity fund account through donations from Tuesday Giving to support an identified youth charity organization each year, natural disaster relief and VEYM Mission Trips.

*VEYM Advocacy Work: Advocacy is taking action to educate, mobilize and support a cause or policy we care about. It is the responsibility of all Catholics. Annually, VEYM will rally its members to have a strong presence at the March for Life event in Washington, D.C., or locally within their Diocese's organized March for Life event. The VEYM will also garner support to kick-off our VEYM Advocacy Day on the Hill for religious freedom.

*Cultivating Leaders: By 2022, through annual Tiberia, specialty training and Bi-annual Sinai Training Camps, much effort will be allocated toward training the next cohort of Youth Leaders and Trainers to carry on the torch and lead the VEYM to new heights.

Please full 4-Year Agenda below.

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Changes to Membership Dues Submission Process - Please Read and Share

With unanimous consensus from Regional Presidents (Chủ Tịch Miền) and League of Chapters Presidents (Liên Đoàn Trưởng) during the recent meeting with the National Board of Executive Officers (Ban Thường Vụ Trung Ương) on October the 9th, 2018, the National Executive Committee (Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương) hereby outlines the updated process to submit membership dues. Beginning today, the Chapter Executive Committee will be responsible for the submission of membership dues for your entire Chapter based on the total number of members in your Chapter. Chapter members consist of: Chaplain, Clergy Chaplain Assistants, Laity Chaplain Assistants, Youth Leader Trainers of all ranks, Youth Leaders of all ranks, and youth members of all ranks.

The Chapter Executive Committee must submit membership dues for the Chapter before December 31st, 2018 as follow:

*$10 per member to Headquarters

*$5 per member to League of Chapters [based on the new system approved by the General Assembly (Hội Đồng Trung Ương) – 11 Leagues of Chapters]

Note: In the interim, the names of the Leagues of Chapters will be as follow on the Membership Dues Form; LĐ Tây Bắc; LĐ Tây; LĐ Nguồn Sống; LĐ Sinai; LĐ Ra Khơi; LĐ San Diego; LĐ M. Nam; LĐ Trung; LĐ Đông Bắc, LĐ Trung Đông, và LĐ Đông Nam.

A. Please click on the following link to complete the Membership Dues Form:

B. To submit membership dues ($10/member) to Headquarters, the Chapter Executive Committee must select 1 of the 3 methods below to submit membership dues to the Headquarters:

1. Scan and email check

a. On front of check, please make check payable to "VEYM"

b. On bottom left of check, please write "Membership Dues" and name of Chapter and League of Chapters

c. On back of check, please write "For Deposit Only"

d. Scan front and back of check and send attachments to the National Treasurer at

2. PayPal

PayPal to: – please add an additional 3% to the total amount for

convenience fees if selection this method. Please also add the following note "Membership

Dues" and name of Chapter and League of Chapters.

3. Postal mail check

a. On front of check, please make check payable to "VEYM"

b. On bottom left of check, please write "Membership Dues" and name of Chapter and League of Chapters

c. Send check to the Headquarters office:

Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the U.S.A.

7711 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Note: Members of the VEYM who are 18 and above who have yet to register online, please continue to do so to secure a member ID number, however, please do not submit the membership dues online through the online registration. To register online for the membership ID number, please cut and paste the link below.

C. To submit the membership dues ($5/member) to League of Chapters, please contact your League of Chapters Executive Committee directly (Ban Chấp Hành Liên Đoàn).

Introducing, the amazing Ủy Viên Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ưong

Spiritual Novena Bouquet Campaign

Don't forget to log your Chapter's spiritual bouquet below:

Chapter Members

Novena - Youth Leaders

Prayer Request Form for Deceased VEYM Members between Nov. 11, 2017 to Present

Để chuẩn bị cho Lễ Các Đẳng Linh hồn, nhất là về việc kêu gọi Phong Trào sống bổn phận cầu nguyện cho những linh hồn của các thành viên trong Phong Trào đã được Chúa gọi về trong năm qua, xin quý thành viên trong Phong Trào hoàn tất form trước ngày 31 tháng 10 để xin cầu nguyện cho linh hồn người thân. Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương sẽ mời gọi Phong Trào cùng hiệp thông cầu nguyện cho những linh hồn đó để qua sự cầu nguyện của chúng ta và những việc lành phúc đức, chúng ta có thể giúp giảm bớt hình phạt cho các linh hồn nơi luyện ngục.

Riêng với quý Cha Tuyên Uý Trung Ương, Cha Tổng sẽ mời gọi các ngài dâng lễ đặc biệt để cầu nguyện cho các linh hồn được cầu xin.

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Back to Sinh Hoat Video Contest Winners

Drum roll please... ... .. It is with great joy and excitement that we present to you and the world, the winners of the Renew in Faith Back to Sinh Hoat video contest. Truly, it's "Chúa's Plan" ;-).

1st Place: Đoàn Anre Trần Anh Dũng, Detroit, MTR

2nd Place: Đoàn Hướng Dương, LDNS, MTN

3rd Place: Đoàn Toma Thiện, St. Paul, MTR

CONGRATULATIONS and a special THANK YOU to all who participated in this event. Through your talents that God has given you, may you use it according to His will to help our youth grow in faith and together as the VEYM/TNTT family. Congrats again!

The National Executive Committee will reach out to the winning Chapters to coordinate the presentation of awards. Start planning for next year's video contest. Theme TBD.

Below are the videos again:

Video 1: Đoàn Thánh Tâm - MTB

Video 2: Đoàn Anrê Trần Anh Dũng - Miền Trung

Video 3: Đoàn Thánh Tâm - MTĐ

Video 4: Đoàn Tôma Thiện - Miền Trung

Video 5: Đoàn Kitô Vua -LĐĐMMC - MN

Video 6: Đoàn Anrê Dũng Lạc - LĐĐMMC - MN

Video 7: Đoàn Maria Nữ Vương - Miền Trung

Video 8: Đoàn Hướng Dương - LDNS - MTN

Video 9: Đoàn Chúa Thánh Thần - MTB


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Weekly Gospel Booklets have arrived. If you have not received your request by next Sunday, kindly contact Thank you everyone for the hard work and those in Liên Đoàn Nguồn Sống. there to help package for shipment. Thank you all for playing a role in getting the Word of God to our youth members.

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