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Kingsway Regional High School: Fall 2019

For Your Information

  • Google Classroom: All Academy student cohorts have a Google Classroom established as the main platform to share important and relevant information; they must accept the invite to have access. Parents may also join the Google Classroom to stay on top of Academy news. If you’d like to have access to your son or daughter's Google Classroom, please ask him or her for the code or contact your child's guidance counselor.
  • Service Learning: Service learning is a mandatory component of the Academy Programs. Freshmen cohorts will work jointly under the guidance of their Academy Seminar teachers to produce a STEAM Night for our community. All Freshmen are required to attend. Sophomores and Juniors complete their own service-learning proposal that is approved by the Academy guidance counselor, who they will also check in with throughout the year. Senior students have an opportunity to complete their service-learning project in their Honors Capstone Course.
  • Welcome Academy Advisors! This year, we are happy to announce that Ms. Delaney (BLA) & Ms. Moraca (STEM) will serve in a new position as Academy Advisors. This position is responsible for serving as a community outreach individual (finding and organizing field trips, guest speakers, summer experiences, etc.) and further promoting the mission of the Academy Programs through participation in related activities and events. If you, or someone you know, have an interest in partnering with the Academy Programs, please complete the link on the website found HERE.

  • Kingsway Regional Academy Booster (KRAB): This year the KRAB was formed to support the Academy Programs at Kingsway. For more information about the booster, please visit their Facebook page at:

  • SMART Lunch Monthly Meetings: We have set dates, times, locations, and purposes for all meetings for the year, with an emphasis on service learning check-ins and supports as well as guest speakers. As we recognize that many of the students use the SMART time to work on their academics, we have designated both optional and mandatory SMART meetings to reduce competing interests. Below is a list of the meetings, which have been communicated to all students.

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All Academy News

Understanding the Academy Honors Capstone Senior Course

This year, STEM and BLA Academy Seniors kicked off the first year of the Academy Honors Senior Capstone course taught by Ms. Moraca, Ms. Schipske, and Ms. Wojtkowiak.

A capstone is a culminating activity that allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have attained through a project focused on a personalized interest, career plan, or academic pursuit. Many states, schools, and districts that implement capstone or senior projects typically do so with the expressed aim of increasing student college and career readiness. Studies show that senior year rigor and productivity are important predictors of postsecondary success. (Kirst, M. W. “Overcoming the High School Senior Slump: New Education Policies.” Stanford University, August 24, 2000). Capstone projects assist with engaging seniors during their last semesters, maintaining the academic rigor needed to ensure postsecondary success.

The Honors Capstone at Kingsway consists of a multi-disciplinary, independent experience designed by the student, approved by the course teacher(s), and completed under the supervision and guidance of assigned faculty members. It is intended to showcase students' strengths, skills, and interests in a particular topic and should demonstrate their ability to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding to a particular audience. Further, it should apply to real-life situations and should be an experience above and beyond the traditional curriculum. Through this opportunity to explore knowledge in an area of specific interest, students will understand the concept of "life-long learning." While the project allows a student to choose a topic of their choice, their project must be researched-based and solve a problem.

Academy Students Continue their Learning into the Summer

The following students reported on their summer learning experiences to highlight all the valuable extension activities that allowed them to continue to explore their passions. For available opportunities throughout the summer, please visit our guidance page at: Available experiences are also sent to students via the Google Classroom.

  • 12th grade STEM student Richard Jaramillo attended a few experiences:
  1. West Point this summer for their Summer Leaders’ Experience (SLE). SLE is highly competitive! 6,000 applicants compete for just 1,000 slots annually. SLE gives high school juniors a one-week immersive experience as a cadet to inform their college selection decision. SLE is a fast-paced program consisting of academic classes, military training, physical fitness training, and intramural athletics. Richard states that “ I learned how leadership starts with listening and being comfortable with one another, trusting and collaborating to reach a common goal.”
  2. Air Force Academy summer seminar, a unique opportunity to get the Academy experience first-hand. Specially designed for high school juniors heading into their senior year, Summer Seminar is a recruiting program that allows participants to see themselves as a USAFA cadet.
  3. NJ Boys State – delegation of students from all around NJ. Learned about the government in NJ and then made a mock government with elected positions and ran their “own state.” Richard felt that this experience "helped him with public speaking and debate skills.”
  4. The United States Coast Guard Academy Instruction Mission – This is a Retainment program with a focus on the physical side of the coast guard. There was also focus on Engineering – Students were exposed to the Tow Tank, which is used to study naval engineering to test the structure of cutters (aircraft carriers).

  • 9th grade S.T.E.M. student, Karina Chakov, took part in Rowan’s Innovative Summer Cyber (RISC) Student Camp. The camp was five days, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to 3:00, at Rowan’s Campus in Glassboro. The program consisted of twenty students entering grades 9 through 12 and was instructed by Dr. Vahid Heydari and his coworkers. The camp was an introduction to the fundamentals of cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT). Karina states, "I learned the basics of encryption, computer forensics, c-programming, and variety of other skills. We were made aware of the dangers of the internet and how to keep ourselves safe. We were taught through lectures and first-hand experiments that clearly displayed the meaning of the lesson. The whole experience left me with a newfound interest in computer science and an urge to learn more about the topic."

  • 11th grade S.T.E.M. student, Grace Chropka, spent time in the summer harp volunteering, during which she performed four volunteer harp concerts for local assisted living facilities. "I learned about how I can use music to help those in my community. It was amazing how much of an impact the music I created could have on others." Grace shared that after her service, one of the assisted living facilities contacted her after her performance and told her about the impact she had on one of their residents. They shared that a previously nonverbal resident was so excited about the performance that he began speaking about my concert and his love of music. "The staff member that contacted me cried tears of joy that this resident was so inspired to speak again."

  • 9th grade BLA student, McKayla Massing, served as a junior counselor for Swedesboro-Woolwich's Little Theater (SWLT). During this time, she was in charge of make-up for the little campers. Additionally, she took the lead with planning a trip for the camp Safe Haven and Kaneeva Farm. "Counseling taught me patience and authority, my makeup assignment taught me precision and the proper skills of time-maintenance and distribution, and the field trip has taught me how to stay organized and patient as well."

  • 11th grade BLA student, Radhey Patel, took time this summer to discuss insurance and running a business with the owner of Goosehead Insurance. "I learned about many different types of insurance, a field I was interested in before I even came. Now I could see it as my future career even more. The business model was interesting when it was explained, and learning about insurance brokers was very informative as well."
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Academy Alumni News - In Their Own Words

Simran Shinh (Class of 2016):

I am currently at Cornell University, College of Engineering getting a BS in Operations Research and Information Engineering. I will be graduating a semester early (December 2019). Some of the things I have taken part in at Cornell are research and the teaching assistant program. I am also a lead for our rocket engineering project team. I have been interning with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for the past 2 summers as a data science/ software engineering intern! My goal post-graduation is to work at JHU APL or for an institution like it (university affiliated research center) as a data scientist, and I hope to go to grad school as well.

From what I hear through my sister, Kingsway is definitely taking a step in the right direction with their STEM program by allowing the students to take more accelerated classes and gain more hands on experience. I am excited to see how these changes impact the students' futures!

Anna Kjellson (Class of 2016):

Over the past few summers, I’ve had the privilege of working with Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control as an enviro education intern at the St. Jones Research Reserve (where I was able to design and teach my own original curriculum), at Kettering University as a research associate through the NSF REU program (where I was invited to present a poster at the REU symposium in Alexandria, VA), and interned in R&D at an industrial specialty chemical manufacturer in New Castle, DE. I also spent five months on a semester abroad in Cardiff, UK where I joined a research team focused on peptide synthesis while also studying education and science communication. I’ve held the office of VP for my school’s award-winning student chapter of the American Chemical Society, for which I wrote an educational video script that won us a national contest. In the fall of 2019 I’ll finish my last semester of “real” classes before moving on to student teaching in the spring of 2020 (I hope to graduate with departmental honors for secondary education in May 2020). I will graduate with a Massachusetts state licensure, which I plan to use for at least a few years before pursuing an advanced degree in science education, curriculum development, educational leadership, or a similar field. I am so grateful for so many inspiring (Kingsway) teachers whose love for their subject areas and passion for teaching have encouraged me to study diligently, ask questions, and never give up, even when the work gets difficult.

Arquel Miller (Class of 2016)

The STEM academy was my first introduction to a career in science. The academy is one of my fondest high school memories and the lessons and friendships I took away from STEM are truly priceless.

In Business Leadership Academy News...

BLA Summer Seminar - Juniors

Our Juniors engaged in a week-long program at the Kingsway campus. This program prepared students for the coursework they will encounter during Phase II of the Business Leadership Academy. Students participated in collaborative problem-solving challenges, team building activities, resume building exercise, and entrepreneurship and business management workshops

BLA Summer Seminar - Seniors

Our Seniors participated in the summer program, Think Like an Entrepreneur, at Rowan University. During the two weeks, they learned how to conceive, develop, prototype, and sell their ideas. Students worked alongside Rowan faculty to learn the basics of how to transform an idea into a feasible and viable business. All students earned 3 college credits.

BLA Welcomes a New DECA Advisor and Assistant Advisor

This year, Ms. Wojtkowiak and Mr. Sittineri will be leading the DECA charge as the Advisor and Assistant Advisor and we are excited to solidify and expand our footprint at DECA competitions this year. In December, we will be hosting a DECA Parent Night to share insights as to what DECA competitions look like. Please be sure to look for the announcement. Students will be practicing for the January DECA Competition in the months of November and December, once a week, in their BLA classes. All DECA related information will be shared through the DECA Google Classroom.

DECA Information

Each student enrolled in the Business Leadership Academy is required to participate in DECA. DECA is an international association of high school and college students and teachers of marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service. This organization prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management around the globe.

Kingsway's DECA aims to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in life and the business world through integrated classroom instruction, applied learning, connections to business, and promotion of competition. To learn more about DECA, please click HERE.

DECA Events:

  • 12/3/2019: DECA Parent Night at 6:30 pm, East Cafeteria
  • 1/7/2020: Regional Competition @ Cherry Hill
  • 3/2/2020- 3/4/2020: State Competition @ Atlantic City - Harrah's
  • 4/29/2020 - 5/2/2020: National Competition @ Nashville, TN

Kingsway's DECA Officers:

Co/Presidents: Anastasia Manes and Kevin Gorman

VP Leadership: Dalton Britner

VP Career: Taylor Gary

VP Marketing: Evan Miles

VP Finance: Brooke Ferguson

VP Hospitality: Olivia Cavallaro

Senior Director: Andrew Bott

Junior Director: Ethan Nguyen

Sophomore Director: Caitlyn Hickey

Freshman Director: Francesca Solari

DECA Service Project

All students are asked to help support our state DECA project led by the Senior cohort. They will raise funds for the non-profit organization, Good Grief. Good Grief’s mission is to provide unlimited and free support to children, teens, young adults, and families after the death of a mother, father, sister, or brother through peer support programs, education, and advocacy. Each year, NJ DECA adopts a state service project and each chapter contributes what they can to the cause.

Our DECA students will be selling 'Sleeves' to raise funds for this non-profit. According to our seniors, this is a hot commodity, the next coolest thing, on the market now.

Our Fundraising Goal: Sell 250 pairs @10 per pair

Dates: Wednesday, 11/27/2019 - Tuesday, 12/10/2019

Reminder: Changes to BLA Professional Dress Days

Just a reminder, this year we have adjusted requirements for BLA dress. Rather than specific times during the mouth, BLA students will be expected to dress in professional business attire using DECA guidelines and/or BLA shirts only when required by their business teachers (classroom project presentations) and on occasions when representing the BLA (BLA events, field trips, etc.).

Overview of BLA Field Trips Throughout the Year


11/12/2019: Junior Achievement @ Stockton University

Spring Trip: Date/Destination TBA


Date: TBA @ Virtua Voorhees

Date: TBA @ NBC10 or Fox


1/14/2020: Villanova - School of Business

Date: TBA @ St. Joseph's University


11/15/2019: Freddy's & Penn Oaks Golf Resort, Westchester, PA

Spring Trip: Date/Destination TBA

Chapter Officer Leadership Training (COLT) @ Kean University

All 11 DECA officers attended the training this past October. This training provided students opportunities to network with other chapters, build team skills and brainstorm ideas for the year.

Junior Achievement of New Jersey - Career Workshop

This trip provided students an opportunity for professional, structured learning experiences that equip them with the tools and skills required to earn and keep a job in high-growth career industries through hands-on, interactive activities.

In S.T.E.M. Academy News...

STEM Class of 2020 - College Ready

The 2020 STEM Academy Cohort has been busy at work applying to college and planning for their future. They have applied in total to 147 colleges/universities by the November 1st early deadline. Many of them have exceeded the colleges Early Action, Priority, and Early Decision deadlines and they are already hearing acceptance and monetary awards to some schools. We are very eager to announce their college/university decisions in the next newsletters. Some of the universities they have applied to are:

The University of Michigan, Rowan University, Cornell, Towson, Monmouth, TCNJ, University of South Carolina, West Chester University, Princeton University, Rutgers, Drexel, Villanova, Penn State, Texas A&M, Stafford, Virginia Tech, Lehigh, West Point, Bucknell, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, University of North Carolina, University of Delaware, Georgia Tech, Temple and Johns Hopkins University.

PSE&G Field Trip

On October 8, 2019, a group of 11th grade STEM Academy students visited PSE&G in Salem, NJ. They engaged in an exhibit scavenger hunt, met with various engineers in environmental, electrical, and chemical backgrounds, visited the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant, and were able to participate in the nuclear control simulator. The students learned that the PSE&G nuclear power plant not only provides energy to the surrounding area but is also providing an estuary enhancement program to help the environment.

S.T.E.M. Academy Events Throughout the Year

Field Trips and Competitions:

Grades 9-12 Competitions

1/20/20 Science Olympiad Camden County College Tournament

3/4/20 - 3/5/20 NJ Junior Science and Humanities Symposium - Rutgers University New Brunswick


  • Google Cardboard Virtual Field Trip - TBA in the auditorium
  • 3/27/2020 Rowan University Tour and Rowan C.R.E.A.T.E.S


  • 1/30/20 Adventure Aquarium STEM Experience
  • 4/24/20 Colgate/Palmolive Industrial Design Factory, Parsippany, NJ


  • 10/8/19 PSE&G nuclear plant - Salem, NJ
  • Spring 2020 - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Tours and campus tours

  • 2/20/20 Amazon Fulfillment Center - West Deptford, NJ
  • Spring 2020 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - tours as well as participation in simulation labs and cadaver lab explanations

Additional Information

Congratulations to Bhavana Chamarthi - Governor's STEM Scholar

Congratulations to STEM Academy junior, Bhavana Chamarthi, who has been chosen as part of the Governor's STEM Scholar Program. Bhavana was kind enough to sit down and talk about the program as well as all the work she has been doing to get her voice out to the community.

Tell me a bit about your experiences so far with the Governor’s STEM Scholars (GSS) Program.

Essentially GSS is a program which coordinates high school students to different college students conducting research in a specific field of study. Because I mainly am interested in technology and cybersecurity, I was chosen to be a part of the “Foreign Cyber Attacks in U.S election system” project. Through this program, I not only am able to conduct research in this important subject, but I am also able to network with amazing people who are redefining cyber security in US and foreign relations/public policy.

What work do you plan to do as part of the Governor’s STEM Scholars (GSS) Program?

The goal of the research that my team and I are conducting is to identify challenges and weaknesses that could lead to improvements in technical and non-technical controls, while evaluating the effectiveness of current voting machines in New Jersey. We hope to define an election security standard for vote casting devices that can be implemented not only in New Jersey but nationwide.

What are you currently involved in at Kingsway and outside of Kingsway?

Currently, I spend a lot of time working with Key Club, an international student-run organization which aims to promote community service through high school students. I am the New Jersey State Webmaster for Key Club, which means that I code and maintain the NJ Key Club website and help run state-wide events for this organization. I’m also involved in a few non-profit organizations such as TechTogether, which is an all women's hackathon hosted in New York & Boston. I really am involved in TechTogether because of our shared goal in spreading Computer Science knowledge to a diverse group of people.

But I really wouldn’t have been able to do any of this (whether it be the Computer Science camp, or TechTogether, or even Key Club) without attending Kode with Klossy. Kode with Klossy is a coding camp, founded by American supermodel Karlie Kloss, with the goal of teaching girls how to code. After attending camp, I’ve been able to network with amazing, talented girls who I still regularly speak to. My camp friends are really inspiring to me and we regularly attend hackathons on the weekends. They are really the reason why I love computer science and they do so much inspiring, philanthropic work in their own towns.

What are your future goals?

At this point in my life, I really would say that I’m prioritizing passing junior year!! But after being exposed to cyber security from GSS, I really do think I want to intern at the FBI or CIA during my senior year of high school. These agencies actually have a lot of openings for high school students! I do want to continue to pursue an education after high school (hopefully in the West Coast!). And more importantly, continue side projects (like the Computer Science camp) throughout college. Hopefully in the future, I am able to learn more about cyber security and psychology in general since I really am interested in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and Psychology!

Events to Highlight:

    • High School Open House 10/29/19 - Academy Presentation Included

    • Class of 2024 Academy Application open Nov. 1 - Dec. 9th (50 STEM and 50 BLA max)

    • BLA DECA Night - 12/3 @ 6:30

    • BLA/STEM Senior Parent Info Night - 2/11/20 @ 6:30

    • Academy Exam for Class of 2024 - 1/18/20

    • Academy Career Fair - 2/6/20 - during the morning

    • (STEAM Night - year 3) Freshman Academy Service Learning Project - 5/5/20 - mandatory for all Academy Freshman - Anyone looking to donate materials please see the sign up genius link

    • Academy Orientation for Class of 2024 - 5/12/20 @ 6:30

Academy Contacts

S.T.E.M. Academy:

Business Leadership Academy:

Academy Oversight & Program Development: