Enrichment Academies

Reagan Scholars Shine As They Pursue Their Interests

The Three E's in Achievement

Why do we promote and practice Schoolwide Enrichment at Reagan?

The answer is simple enjoyment, engagement, and enthusiasm lead to achievement. Our main objective is to provide advanced academic content through enriched activities based on student interest. We offer enjoyable and engaging activities where students are enthusiastic in their learning. It is our belief that the enrichment academies offered at Reagan make learning meaningful and more authentic. This type of learning increases student motivation by helping students fall in love with a field or specific discipline. Enrichment academies allow and encourage students to think in deep and complex ways, to have fun with like-minded peers, and to explore and develop the skills of practicing professionals. Students are able to take risks, problem solve, and make their own unique contributions based on their preferred learning styles and modes of expression. Enrichment academies personalize learning for all students.

A Beautiful Garden Is a Work of Heart

The Eco-Design Team is one group of students who have been actively seeking ways to make a difference on our campus and in the community. Thanks to an extremely generous grant from the Junior League of Odessa, their dream of starting a school garden is about to come true. The slab between B and C wings will be blooming in no time as this team of students works together to learn about horticulture. They will have the opportunity to design, construct, and plant an outdoor garden classroom for our entire campus to enjoy and learn.

Brown Bag Luncheons - Feed Your Mind - Feed Your Body

As part of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model, students will have the opportunity to be introduced to new topics (Type 1 Experiences) during the lunch period throughout the last week of school.

Guest speakers have been invited to share their knowledge, talent and skills with small groups of students who also share that same interest. Students will bring a sack lunch and enjoy learning from the different guests. Topics this year include art, promoting science for young girls, the math and science of baseball, journalism, and Minecraft.
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Young Author's Week

Students will have the chance to meet and listen to author and illustrator, David Catrow, on Tuesday, May 17th. He is the illustrator of the Molly Lou Melon series and author of the scholastic book series, Max Spaniel. He has also worked in the TV and film industry creating the visual development for films such as Horton Hears a Who and Despicable Me. His talk will focus on the idea that we are all artists and is sure to get students excited about books as summer approaches.