Digital Citizenship Project

Mario P Period:3

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the rules of the internet and how we are supposed to use it. Without it the internet would be a terrible place where bad things would constantly be happening.

Rule 1: Digital Etiquette

Treat others with respect: It is important to treat others with because if you make a rude comment on something it could be used against you later in the future. It is also important because you could regret it later in the future.

Rule 2: Information Privacy

Be Careful what you share online: It is important to be cautious on what you share online because If you share to much of your personal information you could have a lot of spam messages in your email or you could even have your identity stolen.

Rule 3: Social Networking

Don't Share anything that you would regret later: Don't share anything that you wouldn't want your parents or future employers might see.

Rule 4: Online Safety

Be Careful with who you talk to online: It is important to know who you are talking to online because sometimes the person is not who they say they are and might try to trick you.

Rule 5: Cyberbullying

Be Smart Online: Be smart online and do not treat anyone bad and don't say anything back if a bully tries to harass you. You should not say anything back because that is what the bully wants, a reaction from the victim is what the bully wants.

Rule 6: Plagiarism

Don't steal other peoples work: It is important that you don't copy anyone else's work and claim that it is yours.It is important to give other peoples work credit and not say that it is yours.

Rule 7: Copyright

Don't use another persons work if it does not use fair use: If you are planing on using another persons work for something make sure it falls under fair use.You cant steal another persons work because of copyright.