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ARMS Connects student, family, and school to the belief that shared understanding promotes healthy school and community relationships.

"Excellence Without Boundaries"

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Greeting Ranger Families!

It is my pleasure to begin a new tradition at ARMS, The Rangers Connect monthly newsletter. The newsletter will be available toward the beginning of every month.

STAAR is right around the corner and ACP's are around the other corner. This is a time of year with high accountability and the need for endurance and focus.

Our collective attention toward students' academic success is paramount. Students' time in class is where the most difference is made. Therefore their focus and attention to their own success is an expectation. Your partnership is appreciated and needed.

Students' progress is being monitored closely by all their teachers, so real-time support can be provided to address their needs. If additional time is needed beyond class students are being invited to attend tutoring, during lunch or after school.

Please support your students' active participation. I encourage all parents to diligently check grades weekly (Parent Portal) and communicate with teachers via email or phone. We are partners in the success of our students and I thank you for all you do!

Excellence without Boundaries!

With Sincere Appreciation,

F. Taylor


Counselor Message

How to Help Your Children Prepare for Tests

Very soon, your children may take two or more STAAR tests. As a parent, there are a number of ways that you can support your children before and after taking a test, as well as a number of ways you can support them learning habits to be more prepared when it's time to be tested.

It is important to be supportive of your children's efforts on tests, and to help them do their best.

Before the Test

  • Prepare yourself knowing ways that you can help your children prepare for their tests?
  • Help your children in areas that were difficult for them in the past
  • Go over homework, tests and quizzes that your children had taken during the year
  • Practice with your children relaxation and focusing techniques at home

On Test Day

  • Make sure your children get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast
  • Make sure your children are prepared with the supplies they nee
  • Remain positive – Staying Calm will help your children

After the Test

  • Ask the teacher or school counselor about how to interpret the results
  • Seek extra help in the areas that your children struggled most

On a Daily Basis

  • Ensuring that your children are completing all homework assignments
  • Helping them to develop good study habits, thinking skills, and a positive attitude towards education from an early age
  • Ensuring that your children are at school everyday
  • Staying in communication with your children's teacher
  • Encouraging your children to read as much as possible, to increase vocabulary will improve reading skills
  • Encouraging your children follow directions carefully
Contact your grade level counselor if your child/children is experiencing testing anxiety and is need of extra support.

Class of 2021 "Owning our Own Future"

6th GRADE:

Greetings Parents,

As we approach the end of the 5th six weeks grading period and our STAAR math and reading tests, I would like your help in reminding our students of our core belief “the time and effort I put forth in my classes makes the most difference in my academic performance.”

  • Instructional time is very important. Please make sure that you remind your child to be on time to every class period every day.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. Students should not leave out of any classroom with a question unanswered. They should take ownership in their own learning.
  • Remind your child to attend all tutoring sessions offered by teachers if they need help either during lunch or after school. Tell your child to ask his/her teachers for their tutoring days and times.
  • No one has the right to interfere with the learning of others. There is zero tolerance for student classroom disruptions.

We have an open door policy that allows parents to visit classroom during the instructional day. We welcome you to come and visit us, eat lunch with your child, or come and observe the exceptional teaching and learning experience here at Ann Richards Middle School.

As our principal states every day, here at ARMS we never settle for good enough when we can be the best. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Class of 2020 "Learning Today Leading Tomorrow"

7th Grade:

Welcome to Spring, Parents!!

The 7th Grade Teachers are busily preparing success on STAAR testing. Thank you for allowing your students to come to Saturday school and after school tutorials. We see the benefits of their attendance in the classroom through daily growth.

If your student has not attended after school tutoring or Saturday school, it is not too late. Our teachers are welcoming all students who need extra help. Also, thank you for your support in our discipline procedures. Working as a united front with your student has been beneficial because it allows us to provide a safe learning environment for all students and it allows us to continue to encourage academic growth in all classrooms.

As we are bringing the end of the year to a close, it is important that we continue to work together to have a safe and productive environment for our students. Thank you for your continued dedication and support. As our motto says, we are focused on “Learning today, so we can Lead Tomorrow”.

Class of 2019 "Excellence without Boundaries: There are levels to this! "

8th Grade:

Success at school begins at home. Proud parents of the Class of 2019, as your child's middle school years are quickly approaching the end, I want to say thank you for partnering with the Ann Richards MS community!

Administrators and teachers recognize the important contributions parents make toward a child’s success in school. Parents are the single most important variable in a child’s schooling. An important component of a good school is the partnership between the school and parents who work together for the best interest of children.

Our students are in full bloom in every area during Spring time. You can continue to support the home school connection by reminding your child of a few ARMS expectations.

  1. Be on time to school and to every class
  2. Be responsible, respectful, and ready to learn.
  3. Be in the position to be right. This means if your behavior is aligned with the behavior expectations of the school and district, then no one can interpret your behavior as wrong.
  4. End of year activities planned are a privilege and not a right. If their behavior is reflective of an ARMS Ranger then they will be a part of the privileged participants. If their behavior is NOT reflective of an ARMS Ranger then non-participation in activities will be their misfortune.

The students of ARMS are very fortunate to work daily with a dedicated staff who are deeply committed to helping students reach their goals. Our staff and students are continually focused on providing and experiencing an outstanding education that our students will need to face the challenges that will yield success in the twenty-first century.

On the Horizon....



Saturday School (April 18th)
Algebra 1
6th-7th Reading
6th-8th Math

STAAR Testing (Monday, April 20th)
8th Math

STAAR Testing (Tuesday, April 21st)
6th & 7th Math
8th Social Studies

STAAR Testing (Wednesday, April 22nd)
6th & 7th Reading
8th Science

Saturday School (April 25th)
Algebra 1
8th Reading (retesters)

Report Cards (Monday, April 27th)

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