Shout Outs From Schrameyer

Kindergarten News from Room 56

Important Dates

  • October 4- Conferences 5:00-8:00
  • October 6-Conferences 5:00-8:00
  • October 10-17 - Fall Break
  • October 18- 1st Day of Second Quarter
  • October 24 - Trunk or Treat
  • October 27 - Picture Retake Day
  • October 28 - 50th Day of School Celebration

Don't Forget

  • Don't forget to send in a snack everyday. The students get hungry and a snack helps get then through their day.
  • Rest Towels will be sent on home on Friday. We will not use them in 2nd quarter so they do not need to be returned.
  • We will return to the library on Wednesday, October 19 when we return from break.
  • Homework and Reading Log are due every Monday. We had 15 out of 16 students return the reading log and homework packet. As a class we are working on 100% participation. I will not be sending home a homework packet and reading log home over break. Enjoy your time together.

We Filled Our Hawk

The students voted for a PJ day. They were so excited to celebrate filling the classroom hawk. We currently have 6 feathers and only need 4 more to go until it is filled again. I am sure we will have it filled soon.

Johnny Appleseed

On Friday we read all about Johnny Appleseed. After reading the stories we tasted red, green, and yellow apples and graphed which apple you liked the best. The class liked the red ones the best.

We then tasted apple cider and apple juice. The class liked apple juice the best.

Then we wrote about which apple we like the best.

For math we read the story Ten Apple on Top. The class had to color, cut, and place the apples in he correct number order in a picture of them.

Learning the Letters in Your Name

I am so excited about how many student name cards I have received back. The students have been so proud to see their name hanging in the hallway.

If your child has not sent in their letters of their name keep working on it. As soon as they know their letters send it in. I would like to see every ones name on the board in the hall.

Unit 2: Color, Rhythm, and Rhyme

We will be focusing on listening to rhythm and rhyming words within literature. We will read poems, Nursery Rhymes, and fiction books. We will also be going over color words.

This week we are reading the story The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. We will be reading a little part of the story everyday and filing out a story map as we go. We will use the story map to retell the story and talk about the characters in the book. At the end of the students will be creating their own story map.


We are continuing to work on writing a sentence. We are using sight words to start the sentences then add a CVC word at the end. We are also working on sounding out unfamiliar words by stretching out the word or tapping it out.


I like to go to the park.

I can go to the store.

We will be working on writing 2 sentences when we return for 2nd quarter.


We have finished learning all the letters of the alphabet and all the sounds. If your child does not know all of them please be working on this nightly at home until they do.

To be a good reader and writing you need to know your letters and sounds.

Thank you for working with your child every night. Your help is appreciated.

Math Topic 4: Comparing and Ordering 0 to 10

We will be starting Topic 4 before break and finishing it when we return. We will be working on comparing a group of objects to another group of objects to find greater then, less than and equal to.