Mummies & Mummification

By: Abby Toloski

Paragraph 1: Why do Egyptians Mummify Their People?

Egyptians mummify their people because they believe that after a person dies that there spirit (or ka) faced a series of tests and trials during there afterlife. Do you agree with mummifying? I do and I don't agree with mummifying because it may seem unfair to the poor people that could not afford to be mummified. On the other hand I do agree with mummify because the person that is mummifying the dead person has to make a living by feeding his family (if he has one) and/or himself. That is why Egyptians mummify their people, and why I do and don't agree with mummifying.

Paragraph 2: Why do Egyptians Wear a Mask While They are Mummifying, and What is it called?

The mask that the Egyptians wore is called the Anubis Mask. Another name (or nickname) for the mask was called the Death Mask. Egyptians wore the mask because the mask represented the symbol of death. If the person wearing the Anubis Mask walked out of the place that they were mummifying, with the mask, they would get tomatoes thrown at them. The Egyptians would do that to keep away evil spirits that the person that had died inherited. That is why Egyptians wear a mask while mummifying and what the mask is called.

Deep Conection

My connection is about the Incas. In the book that I am reading about mummies said, "A young Inca girl." That made my brain trigger to the word young. That also made me think back to when our class said that there was more of a chance that the baby would die because of lack in care and watch. That is my connection about the Incas.

Vocabulary Words

~Liver- A large red-brown organ that cleanses the blood in your abdominal cavity.

Sentence- The liver is a red- brown organ that is located in your body.

~Mummify- Transforming a dead body into a mummy by embalming and drying.

Sentence-Only the rich people could afford the process of being mummified.

~Embalm- To treat a body with preservatives before burial.

Sentence- Only the Pharaohs and the richer people could be embalm.

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