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June 16, 2023

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MHS 2022-23 Calendar w/ Letter Days

Click here to access the MHS School Calendar for 2022-23

Upcoming Events

  • 6/15 - 8/29 - Summer Break

  • 8/14 - 8/18 - Pep Band Camp - 9am-2pm

  • 8/15 - New Student Registration by Appointment

  • 8/30 - First Day of 2023-24 School Year

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That's a Wrap on 2022-23!

Every year at this time, we say the same thing, "Where did the time go?" For some, you watched your children march across the stage and graduate from MHS ready to take on the world. For others, your children finished their first, second or third years of high school and will begin a new adventure as sophomores, juniors or seniors next year. And for those with 8th graders, we can only imagine how hard it is to believe your students will officially become members of our high school family next year. That includes a number of our staff, whose own kids will be freshmen at MHS next year!

Time never slows down, but we hope you are able to slow down a little bit this summer to enjoy time with friends and family, and that you savor all the moments you have together. As a school, we've enjoyed so many fantastic moments this year we won't soon forget, and that are often captured on the pages of this newsletter. We're ready to make some new memories for the 2023-24 school year, and will be working hard this summer to prepare for the arrival of our students on August 30. For those of you with a rising 9th grader, be on the lookout for a letter this summer with information on freshman orientation, which will take place in mid- to late August. Thank you to our staff, students, families, and community supporters for making the 2022-23 school year one to remember. Have a safe and prosperous summer (and of course, don't forget your summer reading)!

Final Report Cards

Final report cards for 2022-2023 will be mailed out next week. Students with obligations will also receive a list of the items they owe to the school. Though the paper report cards won't be in the mail until next week, you are able to view final grades/comments in the PowerSchool parent/student portal.

Last "Fancy Friday" of the Year

Throughout the year, students, led by Mr. Saegh, took extra care on Fridays to get fancy and class up MHS! It was nice to see suits and dresses throughout the halls each Friday. We look forward to seeing this new tradition carry on in the fall.
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Not So Edible Art

These plates of food may make you hungry with how realistic they look, but don't be fooled! Students created these pieces of food art in Mrs. Haggerty's class this year.
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Vision of a Graduate

Over the course of the past two years, we've spent a great deal of time cultivating the skills and descriptor language for what our school and community sees as the Vision of a Millis High School Graduate. Thanks to surveys and feedback from staff, students, families, and members of the community, we've identified the values, knowledge, skills and work habits we want our students to strive for during their time at MHS so they can thrive as learners, workers and leaders of the 21st Century. Our Vision of a Graduate tells us what Millis High School graduates need to know and be able to DO in order to succeed in college, career and life.

Last year, we landed on the four essential skills we will ensure are embedded in everything we do at MHS - COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, CRITICAL THINKING, and CHARACTER. This year, we spent time creating the descriptor language for each of our skills, and next year we will use this descriptor language to create rubrics which will measure progress in each of these areas for our students. We are also in the process of finding ways to visually represent our Vision of a Graduate, through print and online mediums, further integrating them into our school, culture and expectations.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback in completing this essential step for our school, and eventually entire district, as we continue to do all we can to prepare our students for their journey after Millis High School.

Below is the descriptor language for each of our essential skills, created over the course of the 2022-23 school year.


  1. Recognizes and uses verbal/nonverbal cues in order to foster positive and appropriate relationships.

  2. Respectfully exchanges thoughts and ideas in a purposeful and effective manner.

  3. Self advocates effectively.

  4. Conveys ideas and information clearly in a variety of contexts.

  5. Actively listens to others and responds appropriately.


  1. Cooperates effectively to achieve common goals and contributes to a positive team dynamic.

  2. Respects differing ideas and perspectives.

  3. Inspires and motivates others towards a common vision.

  4. Works collectively to create solutions for emerging challenges.


  1. Analyzes complex information and evaluates arguments.

  2. Assesses the credibility, reliability, and bias of sources to make informed decisions.

  3. Utilizes effective problem-solving skills and generates solutions.

  4. Asks probing questions to gain deeper understanding of complex issues.

  5. Considers alternative viewpoints while maintaining a commitment to evidence-based reasoning.


  1. Interacts with empathy and/or compassion.

  2. Appreciates differences and treats others with dignity and respect.

  3. Makes responsible and ethical decisions and is accountable for their actions.

  4. Employs a growth mindset to persevere through obstacles and challenges.

MHS Alum Dulce Abreu's Film Nominated for SWIFF 2023 Award

We're proud to announce that Dulce Abreu, MHS Class of 2022, had her film, Signs of Silence, nominated for Best Film about a social issue at the 2023 Student World Impact Film Festival! Signs of Silence stood out as one of the best out of 13,868 film submissions from 120 countries.

Some of the judges' comments on Signs of Silence:

  • I was deeply moved by this film. It's a deeply emotional and impactful piece of art.
  • The storytelling in this film is layered and multi-dimensional. It invites multiple viewings to fully appreciate its depth.
  • This film is a powerful and timely commentary on societal issues, shedding light on important conversations.

A huge congratulations to Dulce on her nomination, and to Mrs. Mannion for her support in helping Dulce earn this incredible nomination! The awards ceremony at SWIFF 2023 will take place on June 25, 2023.

Take a look at Dulce's film, Signs of Silence.

Summer Reading

Over the course of the past month, students entering grades 9-12 were asked to choose one book out of a group of nearly 30 staff selected works, and registered for their choice. Some books will have Google Classrooms created or other forms of communication for potential projects, assignments, resources, or opportunities this summer. When we return in the fall, on Wednesday, September 6, students will report to a classroom for their particular book. There, students will meet the teacher who read that book and will participate in—among other possibilities—a discussion and/or exam on the book. The grade on that assessment will be entered as a test grade in the student’s English class.

Students must obtain their own copy of the book and are encouraged to take ample notes. Books may be brought into school on Summer Reading Day, but it’s up to the teacher’s discretion whether or not to allow books or notes to be used during the assessment.

Summer School Credit Recovery Information 2023

Summer School Credit Recovery Information 2023

Failure of a course in the 55-59% range during the academic year may be made up with a grade of 70 or better in a (30) hour night or summer course during the summer immediately following failure.

Summer courses must be approved by Mark Awdycki, Principal, prior to registration if credit is to be granted. Parents and students are responsible for finding suitable course offerings and all costs relating to summer school. To request approval, please complete the MHS 2023 Summer School Approval Form.

There are three options for summer school:

This year, Millis High School has partnered with Educere as one option for your student to take summer school courses. Educere provides online courses for credit recovery and handles all the registrations and details of the classes. We’ve approved a list of courses available through Educere that will meet Millis High School standards for summer school. To register for summer school classes through Educere, please use the following link: Educere Online Credit Recover MHS

Bellingham High School is offering in-person summer school classes. For more information and directions for how to register, please visit: Bellingham Summer School 2023

Framingham High School is offering in-person summer school classes. For more information and registration, please visit: Framingham HS Summer Credit Recovery

Look Back at 2022-23

If you want to look back on the year that was at MHS, all 2022-23 Archived Newsletters are available on the Millis High School website under the "Community" tab.

Archived Newsletters

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School Health Office requirements for back to school!

  • An updated physical is required for all students entering grade 10
  • Grade 11 and 12 entry: 1 booster dose of MenACWY received on or after 16 years of age is required (1 or more doses of MenACWY are acceptable as long as 1 dose was received on or after 16 years of age.)

Please reach out with any questions and send all medical documentation to Lynn Molinari -

Have a happy and healthy summer!

Fall Athletics Registration and Information

Click the following flyers to enter the registration or information pages.

School Year 2023-2024 Calendar Released

Bus Registration for 2023-24

Bus registration for SY23-24 is open and posted on our district website.

June 9, 2023

~ Finishing Up the Year Info ~

Finals Continue Next Week

Students had their first day of final exams today, taking exams for Period 1 and 2 classes. Final exams continue next week, ending on June 14, which is also the last day of school for the 2022-23 school year. Please note - students do not have to be present in school during a period in which they do not have a final exam. Students are welcome to come into school when they do not have an exam to study in the library. The remainder of the final exam schedule can be found below.

There will be a bus that leaves the school at 12:20pm on June 12 & 13, to drop students off after exams, or they may take their regular bus at 2:20pm. The cafeteria will be open following exams from 12:10-12:30pm for lunch and snacks on June 12 & 13. Wednesday, June 14, is an early release schedule, so buses will be ready at 10:55am. No lunch will be served on June 14.

Remaining Final Exam Schedule:

June 12

Period 3 - 8-10:00

Period 4 - 10:10-12:10

June 13

Period 6 - 8-10:00

Period 7 - 10:10-12:10

June 14

Period 5 - 8-10:00

Makeups - 10:10-12:10

ChromeBook Turn In

Students not needing their ChromeBooks during the summer can turn them into the Library up until June 14th. Please see Mr. Carter or Mrs. Boissy to have them log in your returned device and charger. Students that do turn in their device will have it returned on the first day of school in the fall.


Underclassmen Awards Ceremony 2023

This past Monday, Students from the Classes of 2024, 2025 and 2026 were presented with their year end Departmental Academic Awards, Students of the Month, Perfect Attendance and 11th Grade Book Awards. STEAM Scholars and Global Scholars Inductees were also recognized. Congratulations to all of our award winners on a job well done!

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Academic Awards - Grade 11 part1

Sophomore Research Project Winners

After several days of great research presentations by our sophomore class, students met to celebrate their achievements on Thursday afternoon. Awards were presented by Mr. Caulfield, Ms. Copice, and Mr. Fallon, for Outstanding Paper, Outstanding Presentation and Original Topic. Congratulations to all our sophomores!

Millis Teachers Receive Honors

Each year, local teachers belonging to the Norfolk County Teachers Association honor two of their own. On June 6th, the Millis Teachers Association proudly celebrated Millis High School Spanish teacher, Glen Panciocco, who received the Honor Award, and Clyde Brown's, Laura Doherty who received the Service Award. Congratulations to both teachers for this incredible recognition!

“Very few individuals have done more for our school community than the one and only, GP. His 20+ years of teaching Spanish include elementary, middle, and high school. GP’s humor and personality are legendary. By chaperoning trips to Spain, serving as a class advisor, teaching driver's education, coaching soccer and tennis teams, and participating in countless faculty-student games and talent shows, GP’s dedication is unmatched. He has proudly served our Association on multiple contract negotiations, as our Treasurer for over 10 years, NCTA rep before then, and represented Millis at the MTA Annual Meeting for the past 14 years.”

“We are proud to honor Laura Doherty for her never-ending service to the school community. In addition to being a supportive parent in town, Laura has been a paraprofessional in the elementary school library. She helps students with research, learn how to conduct interviews, practice letter writing, and of course foster a love of reading. Laura spearheads the Read Across America event, organizes Scholastic book fair, and plans a family night for the younger kids. Laura greets every child and colleague with her one of a kind smile and always gives her time, passion, and energy.”

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~ From the Classroom ~

More Eggs Dropping in Physics

The College Prep Physics classes created vehicles designed to protect an egg as it was dropped from a 4m height. Students used their knowledge of forces and acceleration to plan, build, and test their creations in a practical assessment. Though a few eggs were lost, many survived the drop, without a crack!
Egg Drop
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~ Other News and Events ~

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June 2, 2023

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Millis High School's 120th Graduation Ceremony took place last night on Welch Memorial Field. The 72 members of the Class of 2023 were celebrated by their families, friends and our staff. We were also proud to welcome back members of the Class of 1973, who were honored on the 50th anniversary of their graduation from MHS. It may have been a bit warm, but is was truly a beautiful evening that provided the perfect sendoff for this well accomplished and respected Class of 2023. All the best to our graduates, as you have represented yourselves, your families and MHS extremely well. May whatever road you take after your time at MHS be paved with nothing but success!

The SD version of the graduation ceremony can be found below. The HD version is still being processed and should be available later tonight.

Millis High School Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony
Also below, is a short TikTok-style video capturing our graduates just before they marched on to Welch Memorial Field. Enjoy!
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Class Day Shots

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Below is a link to the video of the Class Day Ceremony.

MHS Alumni Brian Gorman wrote a song for Millis seniors. Check out this music video of senior week edited by TV student Auron Flint:

Highschools Days 2023

Class Officers for 2023-2024 Announced

Class of 2024

President: Lucy Sisto

Vice President: Maria Govoni

Treasurer: Olivia Mathews

Secretary: Lindzey Murillo

Class Representatives:

Andrew Miller, Jennifer Scolponeti, Kyra Rice, Paige Zarnofsky

Class of 2025:

President(s): Shealin Conroy & Olivia Fong

Vice President: Riley Sullivan

Treasurer: Logan Manning

Secretary: Amelia Stapels

Class Representatives:

Addison Loer, Isabella Briones, Tessa Molinari, Henry Kiggen

Class of 2026

Co-Presidents: Nicoletta Koronios & Mia Vasta

Vice President: Reagan Dilorio

Grade 9 BIO MCAS June 6 & 7

Freshmen will be taking the MCAS Biology exam on June 6 & 7. This exam is sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and is part of the competency determination required for students to graduate from Millis High School. In sophomore year, students take MCAS exams in English Language Arts and Math. All MCAS exams are now computer based.

The MCAS Biology tests will begin promptly at 8am each day, and student classroom assignments will be posted throughout the building (they will also be emailed to the students). Students should come in with their ChromeBooks fully charged each day. Though students have the entire school day to complete testing, each day of testing typically takes 2-3 hours.

Parents/Guardians are asked to make sure their students get a good night's sleep before each exam day, have a good breakfast, and get to school on time each day. We are confident that our students are well-prepared to be successful on these important exams. Thanks to parents/guardians for their support in helping students clear this graduation hurdle. Good luck to our 9th grade students as they take their MCAS Biology Exams on June 6 & 7!

~ From the Classrooms ~

Sophomore Research Project Presentations

The Sophomore Class has started to present their research projects in the Millis High School auditorium. Presentations will continue into next week. Here is a glimpse at just a few.
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Exploring Le Chatelier's Principle

They have been spending time in Chemistry II discussing chemical equilibriums, which most things in nature achieve unless acted upon by an outside force, and the types of outside forces that can shift these equilibriums. After discussing things such as common ion effect, temperature and pressure, they have been forcing these shifts using visible product changes in class. Students utilized different anions to shift concentrations of iron in solutions, then they used potassium thiocyanate solutions to explore the impact of temperature of the equilibrium.

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Board Games in English

Mr Bigelow’s Sophomore English class made vocabulary board games in preparation for the final exam. They enjoyed playing against one another in class.
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~ End of Year Details ~

Summer Reading is Open

Summer reading registration is now open. You can support the library and Park Street Books by purchasing the books with this order form: MHS Summer Reading Book Order

Students must register for one book (and only one book) via the link below. Most students registered already in advisory this week and should have an email confirming their registration.

MHS 2023 Summer Reading Registration All Books

Email Mr. Carter with any questions.

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Rising Senior Breakfast

The Class of 2024 celebrated the graduation of the Class of '23 this morning by keeping the Junior Breakfast tradition alive. Our "Rising Seniors" are ready to fill the big shoes left by our now MHS Alumni.

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Yearbook Ordering Info


Millis code is 5291

Any questions please contact

Senior Project Presentations

The Class of 2023 Senior Project presentations are on YouTube. Check out on our Millis Memories channel.

Millis Memories Channel

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Drama Club 2023-2024

Interested in joining the Drama Club for the 2023-2024 school year? This year, we will have a fall production and possibly compete in the METG (Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild) Festival. If you don’t want to act, there are other opportunities - organizing props, costumes, light, sound, and set design. Please contact Mrs. Bartley - - for more information and to join the Drama Club Google Classroom!

~ Happening Around Millis ~

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Senior Project Presentations on YouTube

Check out the Millis Memories YouTube page, where Mrs. Mannion has uploaded all the fantastic Senior Project Presentations that took place this past week at the Millis Public Library. Congratulations Seniors!!

Millis Memories

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Attendance Line Contact Options

Options to Report Your Students Attendance


Call: 508-376-7010 ~ press 1*



Dismissal Reminders

Students getting dismissed from school need to present a note to the office prior to leaving campus. Notes can be presented in one of the following three ways:

  • Student brings a note from home and presents to the office first thing in the morning.
  • Parent emails main office at, student must still come to the office to get a dismissal pass.
  • Parent comes in to school at dismissal time and completes a dismissal notice. Student will be called out of class at the time the parent comes in.

We are unable to accept phone calls or voicemail messages for dismissals. The hsattendance email can be used for all attendance notices.

Millis High School

Small School.. Big Family

The Millis Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, gender identity, religion, national origins, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness.

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