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MAY 13, 2022

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MHS 2021-22 Calendar w/ Letter Days

Click here to access the MHS School Calendar for 2021-22

Upcoming Events

  • 5/13 ~ Seniors Last Day Before Senior Projects / Senior Field Day / Rolling Rally (6:00pm)

  • 5/13 ~ Midterm for Quarter 4 (Grades 9-11) - Progress reports available late next week

  • 5/16-5/20 ~ Senior Projects at the Millis Public Library

  • 5/17 - 5/18 ~ MCAS Math (Grade 10)

  • 5/20 ~ Early Release 10:55am / Prom

  • 6/1 ~ Class Day Celebration 12:15pm

  • 6/2 ~ Graduation 6pm

  • 6/7 - 6/8 ~ MCAS Biology (Grade 9)

  • 6/14 - 6/17 ~ Final Exams

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~ This Week at MHS ~

Rolling Rally Tonight @ 6pm!

Line the route and help us celebrate the Class of 2022! Route map is below. What a beautiful night for a celebration across Millis!
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MCAS Math Testing Next Week for Sophomores

Sophomores will be taking the MCAS Math exam next week on May 17 & 18. As with the MCAS ELA exam the sophomores took in March, and the MCAS Biology exam our freshmen will be taking on June 7 & 8, this exam is sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and is part of the competency determination required for students to graduate from Millis High School. All MCAS exams this year are computer based.

The MCAS Math tests will begin promptly at 8am each day, and student classroom assignments will be posted throughout the building (they will also been emailed to the students). Students should come in with their ChromeBooks fully charged each day. Though students have the entire school day to complete testing, each day of testing typically takes 2-3 hours.

Parents/Guardians are asked to make sure their students get a good night's sleep before each exam day, have a good breakfast, and get to school on time each day. We are confident that our students are well-prepared to be successful on these important exams. Thanks to parents/guardians for their support in helping students clear this graduation hurdle. Good luck to our 10 students as they take their MCAS Math Exams next week!

The remaining schedule for MCAS Exams at MHS this year is as follows:

Math (Grade 10) - May 17 & 18

Biology (Grade 9) - June 7 & 8

Quarter Three Honor Roll Announced!!

Congratulations to the following students for making the 2021-22 Millis High School Honor Roll for Quarter Three. Students earning High Honors carried all grades of A- or better, while students earning Honors carried all grades that were A's and B's.

Grade 12 High Honors

Adams, Jaden Adrienne Virginia

Azir, Thomas Mina

Conroy, Riley May Maxwell

Coutts, Anthony Rocco

Davis, Brendan Philip

Hollister, Katerina Alexandra

Hourihan, Daniel Jeremiah

Grade 12 Honors

Ambrose, Weston Philip

Blumenau, Cole Alexander

Collins, Reilly David

Comiskey, Lucas Peter

Farrington, Ashley Frances

Ferzoco, Carla Noelle

Flint, Krystal Lynn

Geddes, Rachel Lynn

Grattan, Julia Lynn

Halloran, Jack Matthew

Hatch, Andrew Lee

Hubbell, Joseph Charles

Joe, Kailey Nicole

Johnston, Megan Mahoney

McClary, Elle Anese

Mundy, Caroline Leigh

Olmsted, Julia Leona

Peck, Kailie Marie

Pudelka, Benjamin Hansen

Schofield, Julia Grace

Sisto, Sophia Jeannette

Stallings, Allison Evelyn

Verrochi, Chloe Lynn

Grade 11 High Honors

Antony, Lillian Barbara

Arguijo, Cynthia Nmn

Arian, Mirola Hany

Braccio, Mia Sofia

Burns, John Patrick

Cabral, Zoe Blossom

Cassidy, Lilly Elizabeth

Daron, Austin Chase

Fabian, Eva Cathryn

Hockman, Ava Katherine

Hockman, Olivia Maurita

Leone, Ryan Charles

Lyons, Daisy Rosemarie

Maher, Alexander Patrick

Mahoney, Aiden Brian

McKersie, Alexa Marie

Spies, Elise Nmn

Sugrue, Norah Gertie

Walsh McCarter, Kayla Marie

Whelan, Brooke Hope

Grade 11 Honors

Abraham, Leah Hanna

Ashiagbor, Abena Acheampoma

Avakian, Lily Grace

Bender, Ella Frances Veronica

Bennett, Luke Gerard

Borst, Jackson Walker

Bouret, Joseph Robert

Catalano, John Patrick

Connors, Jane Ryanne

Costa, Lauren Marie

Cruz, Jose Gabriel

Cyr, Maryn T

Ferrantino, Shea Matthew

Ferrimy, Amany Maritza

Goncalves, Samuel Jose De Oliveira

Heredia, Adrian Francisco

Howley, Brooke Nicole

Jurgelewicz, Nora Ann

LaDuke, Katherine Olivia

McCain, Iris Autumn

Miga, Madeleine Rose

Molinari, Mia Marie

Pasquantonio, Daniel William

Petrush, Ryan Ferguson

Pizzarella, Francesca Lucia

Sanborn, Emily Anne

Scanlon, Lydia Anne

Tessler, Leah Brook

Grade 10 High Honors

Bassett, Hailey Rose

Blanchette, Troy David

Copice, Wilson Sydney

Figueroa, Genesis Vanessa

Hart, Adam Francis

Kale, Manasi Amod

McCarthy, Benjamin Nathaniel

Murillo, Lindzey Ingrid

Rubalcaba, Sophia Julianne

Ruggeri, Scarlett Snow-Angel

Sisto, Lucy Ana

Steiner, Emily Rose

Villacis, Adriana Michelle

Works, Julia Fay

Grade 10 Honors

Banks, Gavin Nicholas

Barisano, Dominic Joseph

Barrett, Alex Joseph

Bellefontaine, Lili Rose

Berube, Ryan Dennis

Burns, Colin Lea

Cellitti, Sophia Mae

Charlebois, Grace Catherine

Corcoran, Declan Van

Dulac, Kayla Marie

Ferzoco, Mark Richard

Govoni, Maria Rose

Hill, Nicholas Adam

Johnson, Arijus Timothy

Kelly, Kristen Colby

Legere, Ava Nanine

Leussis, Emelia Bianca

Ludwig, Aidan Joseph

Macfarlane, Jack Brian

Maestrey, Anthony Francis

Martone, Madilyn Nicole

Mathews, Olivia Florence-Jean

Oliveira, Rayssa Guimaraes

Pimentel, Evan Gregory

Powers, Abigail Rose

Rice, Kyra Evelyn

Roy, Julianne Nmn

Ryan, Jack Joseph

Saegh, Mason Gardner

Schneiderat, Macy Mcguiggin

Scolponeti, Jennifer Marie

Skerry, Emily Florence

Whooten, Annika Kristine

Zarnofsky, Paige Alena

Grade 9 High Honors

Aday, Ephraim James

Briones, Isabella Marie

Chandler, Emma Grace

Conroy, Shealin Irene

Cyr, Macy T

Doherty, Margaret Elizabeth

Ferguson, William James

Fiala, Andrew Marc

Fong, Olivia Elizabeth

Goldstein, Johanna Chihiro

Grattan, Lindsey Rose

Griffith, Andrew Patrick

Loer, Addison Campbell

Malaquias, Lauren Elizabeth

Manning, Logan Patrick

Morris, Jada Angela

Powers, Emma Jane

Richards, Kaitlyn Marie

Rollag, Anne Elizabeth

Ryan, Declan Philip

Stapels, Amelia Danielle

Sullivan, Kevin Michael

Wallace, Abigail Grace

Grade 9 Honors

Adams, Madison Claire

Aten, Ashley Julia

Barber, Rian Paige

Breslau, Ramsey Leigh

Cartagena, Keily-Lucia Nmn

Covitz, Avery Nicole

Delaney, Daniel Kenneth Van

Delaney, Kiyra Rowena Ruth

Fabian, Luke Edward

Fraulo, Anthony Dimitrios

Gallon, Zoe Elizabeth

Gatz, Meredith Grace

Gerrish, Eliza Rose

Gordon, Andrew James

Hohman, Nicholas James

Johnston, Ryan Forrester

Joseph, Loatchwel K

Kiggen, Henry Joseph

Leach, Emilia Kelly

McGhee, Nathaniel David

Molloy, Norene Elizabeth

Morse, Andrew John Lamb

Muscatello, Eleanor Frances

Nutile, Layla Grace

O'Toole, Taylor Emma

Ruo, Emily Sophia-Eileen

Sugrue, Aidan James

Sullivan, Riley Elizabeth

Vasta, Michaela Patricia

National Honor Society

Congratulations to the 41 students inducted into the Millis High School chapter of the Society on Wednesday, May 11th.

The highlight of the night, as always, was the student speeches honoring someone in their lives who has had a large influence on their lives. A special thanks from NHS advisor Mr. Alconada to the graduating NHS officers Riley Conroy, Jaden Adams, Colin Streck, Ben Pudelka, Thomas Azir and Megan Johnston for their help with planning and carrying out the induction ceremony. Also thanks to the many family and friends of the new inductees who came out to share the evening.

April Students of the Month

Congratulations to our April 2022 Students of the Month! We weren't able to get everyone in our picture this month, but were able to track down Reilly Collins, Joey Zangari, Joyce Wasselley, and Drew Miller for a quick photo this morning (pictured below). Each of our winners received a gift card courtesy of Millis Mobil.

Grade 9 Nominees: Joseph Zangari

Winner: Joseph Zangari: "Joey has been doing extra work in class. He has been staying extra time to make sure he understands the material. He is helping other students in class that don't understand. He has shown much improvement. As a result, his confidence has increased."

Grade 10 Nominees: Eli Chansky, Joyce Wasselley, Adam Hart, Drew Miller

Winner: Joyce Wasselley: "Joyce has shown much improvement in my class. She is doing all of her work and helping others that don't understand. She is answering questions and showing much more confidence. She does her homework and also shows the class how to do the work on the board."

Grade 11 Nominees: Mia Braccio and Amany Ferrimy

Winner: Mia Braccio: “Mia Braccio: "Mia is so kind and her positivity is contagious. She is always looking out for others."

Grade 12 Nominees: Kailie Peck, Megan Johnston, and Reilly Collins

Winner: Reilly Collins: "Reilly has maintained a level of excellence throughout his senior year. Even while many of his peers have been experiencing "senioritis" he has remained driven and continues to give an outstanding effort inside and outside of class every day."

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Pen Pals Meet

All year, Mr. Bigelow's senior English class has been writing letters back and forth to their 3rd grade pen pals in Ms. Carlson's class. They have visited their pen pals twice at CFB, and this week their pen pals came to visit them at the high school. They toured them around the school, stopping in the auditorium, the gym, the TV studio, and finally letting them sit in the "big kid" desks in Mr. Bigelow's classroom. It was an enriching experience for all involved!

National Signing Day 2022!

We held a signing day in the library on Tuesday this week to celebrate the members of our senior class that will be continuing their athletic careers at the intercollegiate level. Congratulations to the following students and good luck in your athletic journey after MHS!

Elle McClary - Soccer - American University (Division one)
Devon Gatz - Soccer - University of Southern Maine (Division three)

Connor McMahon- Soccer - Thomas College (Division three)

Carla Ferzoco - Gymnastics - University of Pittsburgh (Division one)
Anthony Coutts - Soccer - WPI (Division three)

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Pops Night takes us to the Movies

This past Thursday night, the MHS band and chorus hosted their annual Pops and Awards Night in the school cafeteria. The theme of the night was a trip to the movies, and the audience was treated to songs from a variety of films, including Encanto, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Titanic, The Breakfast Club, and more. There wasn't a dry eye in the house during the awards presentations, where many students were recognized for their contributions to the music program. Congratulations to all the students on their performances and awards, to Mr. Femino and Ms. Norton for coordinating and conducting such an inspiring evening of song and celebration, and the parent volunteers who made the cafeteria look like a real life movie theatre!

Art, Design and New Media Students Recognized

Each month, Art, Design and New Media students participate in an Adobe Creative Education Challenge. Recently they designed and created posters that reflected personally important values. Four were chosen as winners and those students received beautifully printed copies of their posters.

Congratulations to Hedia Louati, Henry Kiggen, Logan Manning, and Anthony Fraulo!

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Mr. Kraby's Philosophy Field-trip

This past Wednesday, Mr. Kraby's Philosophy classes walked over to Prospect Hill Cemetary as a conclusion to the keepers of the earth project they have been working on. It was a powerful experience for all, and nice to be back outside for field trips again!
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Colin Streck is MHS 2022 Valedictorian

Millis High School is proud to announce the Valedictorian and Salutatorian for its graduating Class of 2022.

Colin Streck will be recognized at graduation ceremonies as the class Valedictorian. Colin achieved the highest cumulative grade point average for the class. Colin is a three-sport athlete, leading the cross-country, winter and spring track teams as captain senior year. A member of the Drama Club, and a STEAM Scholar, he has been involved in a host of other sports and volunteering opportunities. Academically, you will not find a grade of less than an A on Colin’s transcript. Treasurer of our National Honor Society and a Spanish Immersion student, Colin has been recognized for several awards, including the NESDEC Award for Academic Growth and Leadership, as well as excellence in AP course awards. It’s hard to find an award that Colin has not won. He is passionate about math and computer science, and has been recognized for his aptitude in those realms with the Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology and the Rensselaer Medal, among others. In his limited free time, he enjoys miniature painting, board games, rock climbing, and playing guitar. He will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute next fall, where he will major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Colin is the son of Robert and Kathleen Streck of Millis.

Riley Conroy is MHS 2022 Salutatorian

Riley Conroy is Millis High School’s Salutatorian for the Class of 2022. During her time at Millis High School, Riley has earned several honors including the George Eastman Young Leaders Award, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy/Future Women Leaders in STEM Award, the Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit with Honors, the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents Certificate of Excellence, and has been recognized as an AP Scholar with Honors. President of the National Honor Society, Riley is also a STEAM Scholar and the correspondence secretary for the Chemistry Club. She is a three-sport varsity athlete on the girl’s varsity soccer, basketball, and track and field teams and has earned various awards including the coaches award for track and field and the MVP award for soccer sophomore year. Riley is also an active member of the Junior Leo’s Club, the Peer Leaders Club, and is Vice President of the Class of 2022 Student Council. Through her participation in these organizations, she has planned and supported dozens of community service events that benefit her classmates and her community. Riley will be attending the University of Virginia next fall, where she will be majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She is the daughter of Marc and Samantha Conroy of Millis.

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Click the Graduation Cap to Access All Things Graduation

Last Day to Grab a Flag!

The Millis High School Class of 2025 Student Council is selling "Millis" flags to support the Class of 2025. Order forms are due by Friday, May 13, 2022.

Flags are $20 (or $25 to add the class of 2022 onto the flag). Flags are 2 feet by 3 feet.

Here is the link to order: Flag Order Form

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School Counseling Calendar

Click on this link to access the School Counseling Calendar

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MHS Clubs 2021-22 Schedule

Click this link to access club information and meeting schedule. Please note the schedule is being updated with more opportunities.

Athletic Schedules 2021-22

Click here to access the MHS Athletic Schedules for 2021-22

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Nursing Assistant / Nursing Student RN-BSN ABSN Umass Boston
MHS Class of 2016

Did you attend college?

Yes, I attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a Bachelors of Communication and a minor in Business Administration. Shortly after graduation, I began working on a COVID medical-surgery floor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a nursing assistant. My passion for helping others, medicine and a hands-on profession grew from there. In September of 2021, I began studying at the University of Boston in the Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing program. This program is 12 months long, where I will be graduating in August with my RN-BSN.

What is your profession?

I am a certified nursing assistant and nursing student. I work part time at Brigham and Women’s Hospital on a medical-surgery floor. Most of my life right now consists of hours of school work, exams, labs and clinicals.

What skills do you find yourself needing most at work?

Critical thinking, communication, teamwork and confidence. To be a Registered Nurse you have to think on your toes, and be confident with your decision. You have people’s lives in your hands and they are trusting you to do what is in the best interest for them. In this field of work I would like to be confident in my critical thinking, whether that be in medicine or medicine administration. In any profession someone pursues, communication and teamwork are also important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and definitely don’t be afraid to give help when needed. That is what makes for successful outcomes.

Do the skills and values that you learned at MHS help you in your professional life?

MHS has given me some of the best memories and times in my life. One thing that I walked away from all my time there was gaining relationships with people, being empathetic towards others and how remembering a name can make a huge impact. We all know how small Millis is- especially our school. The curriculum was important for sure, but the people I met and the intimacy of the “small school big family” has stuck with me forever. I remember everyone's names wherever I go, whether that be at work or saying thank you to a cashier at Trader Joes. I always like to make others feel important, and my empathy I have for others stems from how close I was to other students and staff at Millis High School. I think that is what made me want to become a nurse today.

~ Happening Around Millis ~

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MAY 6, 2022

~ This Week at MHS ~

AP US History 3-Peat!

Millis' AP US History class competes against Medway High School's AP US History class in a trivia competition known as the "Battle of the Brains" each year. This competition has been a fun way to review material prior to the AP test. Millis is proud to announce that they won this year's competition for a 3-peat!

ChemClub Completes CFB Outreach For the Year

The ChemClub has finished up CFB outreach with their final sessions with the grade 3 students of Ms. Mellin, Ms. Tashian, and Ms. Merusi. HS students worked with the grade 3 students to conduct flame tests and calorimetry experiments. The grade 3 students enjoyed seeing the colored flames and identifying the unknown metals present, as well as burning the food samples to calculate the caloric content. The ChemClub then bid their seniors adieu with the annual ice cream social.

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Class of 2022 STEAM Scholars Make Their Capstone Project Presentations to 2023 and 2024 Cohorts

STEAM Scholars Riley Conroy and Jess Khan presented their Capstone projects to their cohorts from 2023 and 2024. Riley explored the feasibility of dye based solar panels as a an energy source and Jess worked with CFB Tech teacher Anne Valluzzi to develop a lesson in computer hardware so as to inspire the next generation of computer scientists.
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You're Invited!

The National Honor Society Induction is Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 6:30pm in the auditorium. All are welcome to attend.

Terpsichore Spring Dance Recital

Terpsichore Hosts Their 13th Annual Spring Dance Recital TONIGHT, May 6, at 7:00 PM in the Millis High School Auditorium

The dancers have been working hard on their performance, which in addition to choreography from director Stephanie Copice, also features student choreography by Rylee Ensminger, Mollie Hatch, Kaitlyn Richards, Annie Rollag, and Amelia Stapels, set to Dancing Queen, and Grade 10 students, Wilson Copice and Kristen Kelly, set to Praying. There is a suggested donation of $3.00 for students and seniors, and $5.00 for adults and the run time is about 45 minutes.

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Terpsichore 4/6/2022

Congratulations Jaden Adams!

Congratulations to Jaden Adams, first place recipient at the MetroWest Film Festival for her film Community. Special recognition to Cole Blumenau for helping Jaden with this film.

Congratulations also to Dulce Abreu’s film Signs of Silence, which also placed in the top 4 at the festival.

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Jalapa Welcomes MHS Students

Mr. Panciocco took one of his classes to Jalapa Mexican Grill here in Millis to enjoy some Mexican food and to say goodbye to our Auxiliar from Spain, was also a good chance to say goodbye to the graduating seniors in Mr. P's class.
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Gear Up for the Class of 2022 Rolling Rally on 5/13!

We are so excited for the upcoming Class of 2022 Rolling Rally on Friday, May 13, as we begin the celebration of our graduating class!! Thanks to the support of Chief Chris Soffayer and the Millis Police Department, and Chief Rick Barrett and the Millis Fire Department, this Rolling Rally has quickly become a new Millis tradition. The map of the Rolling Rally route can be found below. The Rolling Rally will start at 6:00pm and seniors will leave from the newer parking lot on the town hall side of Clyde Brown. When the Rolling Rally thunders into the school grounds after going all over town, the students will be treated to a big bonfire courtesy of Chief Barrett and the Millis Fire Department. Following the Rolling Rally, The Class of 2022 will enjoy food and hypnotist show at MHS. Pull out your lawn chairs, bring out your grills, and make a night out of it, as we show our love and support to the MHS Class of 2022!

Senior Lawn Sign Orders Due May 8

The deadline to order is tight, but we are happy to say there are senior lawn signs available for purchase. An example of what the sign will look like is below. The cost for a sign will be approximately $10 but will be dependent on the amount of signs ordered as a whole. If anyone is interested in purchasing a sign to recognize your senior, please email class advisor Erin Sullivan at by the end of the day this Sunday, May 8. Ms. Sullivan will then be in touch with further details.
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Seniors "Future" Board

Carla Ferzoco and Megan Johnston were seen creating the Senior "future" board outside the School Counseling office. The countdown for our Seniors continues as they enter their final week of classes and put the finishing touches on their Senior Project presentations set for the week of May 16th.
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Over the course of this school year, Millis High School has worked in partnership with the JED Foundation to do an assessment of our social emotional and mental health programming and resources. It has been an incredible and eye opening experience, highlighting our many strengths, along with our opportunities for growth. We've been able to engage in this important work thanks in large part to the support of the KyleCares Foundation, who supplied us with a new banner to proudly hang at MHS during Mental Health Awareness Month.

With that in mind, over the course of the month we'll share some tips and resources from the JED Foundation as we continue to work as a school and community to support the emotional well being of the teens and young adults in our lives.

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School Counselor Booking Links

Do you need to make an appointment to see your School Counselor?

You Can Book Me is a quick way to make an appointment.

Mrs. Dunn ~ YouCanBookMe Link:

Ms. McCarthy ~ YouCanBookMe Link:

~ Happening Around Millis ~

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Attorney for the Massachusetts Office of the Treasurer
MHS Class of 2011

Did you attend college?

I attended UMass Amherst and graduated in 2015 with a major in Economics and a minor in Political Science. After working for one year in business development for Oracle Corporation, I attended Boston College Law School, graduating with my J.D. in 2019.

What is your profession?

I work for the Massachusetts State Board of Retirement, which is an agency within the Office of the Treasurer that administers the pension for state employees. Each month, I present to the Board, which consists of five members including the Treasurer of Massachusetts, Deb Goldberg.

I also represent the Board in administrative hearings and court cases – so I get to write legal briefs, cross-examine witnesses, and more, as well as serve as a sort of in-house lawyer to the different departments within the Board. My role is dynamic, and I love the public service aspect of my job.

What skills do you find yourself needing most at work?

The two abilities I find most valuable at my job are critical thinking and interpersonal skills. As a lawyer you need be able to process a lot of information quickly, and then make decisions based on your evaluation. When you are before a judge or examining a witness, you have to be able to think on your feet.

Just as important as critical thinking, if not more so, are interpersonal skills. I love talking to and learning about people, and essentially every aspect of my job involves interacting with other attorneys, co-workers, or state employees. Developing these skills – verbal and non-verbal communication, problem solving, patience, assertiveness, etc. – will help anyone, no matter what career they choose.

Do the skills and values that you learned at MHS help you in your professional life?

I absolutely loved growing up in Millis, and my experience at MHS directly led to my career path. My AP History teacher, Mr. Fallon, and Ms. Ziemba fostered my love of history, civics, and volunteering. I still volunteer regularly - my experience as a Big Brother in the Big Brother Big Sister program has been particularly formative.

So many teachers and staff at MHS had a positive impact on my life. I came out of MHS a more optimistic, hardworking, and respectful person, and I am forever grateful for my time there. MHS also allowed me to feel like a part of a community. My closest friends today are the ones I attended MHS with, and I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the MHS small school big family!

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Millis High School

Small School.. Big Family

The Millis Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, gender identity, religion, national origins, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness.

Attendance Line Contact Options

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