New York Extravaganza!

Journey through the sights of the Big Apple State

Day 1 of our Fabulous Trip!

Sleeping and taking turns driving for 25 extremely boring hours using Grandpa Perez's wicked, white Ford truck!

Day 2: Finally--our ARRIVAL!

We finally arrive at Braylee's cousin's house, Jennalie, at--AMAZINGLY--1 in the morning. AAAAAAAHHH! Our eyes are about to fall out of our heads, so we take a long nap.

Continuation of Day 2: the Arrival

Finally, we wake up at 10am. Wow--long nap, huh? So we decide to explore New York with its most famous attraction--the Statue of Liberty!

Day 3: Fun in the Sky!

We wake up at 9 in the morning, eat breakfast at Jennalie's, and prepare for an exhilarating day. We're going to be attending the NEW YORK SKYRIDE! Awesome, right?

Day 3: Dinner at a 5 Star Restaurant- "Porter House New York"

Day 4: Bright lights, harmonic singing--Broadway here I come!

It's noon. Getting dressed and getting set. 'Cause we're going to---BROADWAY! YAY! But not literally watching a Broadway show. We're just going to have an Inside Broadway tour. But still can't wait!

Day 5: An Adventure by Air to the Niagara Falls

All ready and set by morning. We're ready to face the day with the comfort of knowing we're about to fly above a beautiful, immense waterfall. Yippee!
Niagara Falls Day Trip from New York by Air

Day 5: Eating out at a 5 Star Italian Restaurant, A Voce

Day 6: Is it dinner? Is it a cruise? NO! It's a dinner cruise!

All morning we were itching for the day to end so that we could finally go to the Bateaux New York Dinner Cruise. I could imagine it now with the violins playing, the sweet-smelling buffet, and the glimmering lights and chandeliers above my head.

Soon enough...

Without delay, we sadly have to leave our luxurious dinner cruise and head back to Jennalie's to prepare for our leave.

Day 7: Leaving the Big Apple

After all our adventures here in New York, it's too sad to see it all fade away as we travel back to Brenham, while leaving our new friend we're now terribly fond with--Jennalie. Goodbye New York! I'll be back soon enough!