Death Cloud

By Andrew Lane


Exposition: Sherlock has to stay at his uncle's house.

Rising Actions: Sherlock gets caught in a fire where he had learned some information, Sherlock learns that the mysterious cause of death was bee stings, Sherlock ends up finding one of the houses the killers use were he "meets" the Baron, and Sherlock goes to London and gets chased throughout London but sadly gets caught.

Climax: Sherlock gets forced to go to the Baron's house, in London, where he learns his plan and then fights to the death with the Baron and wins.

Falling Action: Sherlock and Matty find were the killers keep the bees to ship, they throw the bee pollen in the air like flour because like flour it a spark catches onto the flour it will light up and burn.

Resolution: Finally, Sherlock threw a lantern, it makes a spark and they watch as it burns the bees and the boxes the bees are in.

Conflict: Two men are mysteriously dying and Sherlock wants to find out how.

Some of the Characters


This story takes place in Farnham and London.

This is a picture of some land in Farnham.


Sherlock has to stay in Farnham where mysterious things are happening. Two men have been found dead by a mysterious cause. Sherlock investigation takes him to a barn that catches on fire with him in it, setting a tunnel on fire making a rat stampede, and fighting to the death with a man. See if Sherlock solves this mystery and read the book.