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Our first goal of the Garfield and Lincoln libraries is to foster a love for reading. Our second goal is to model for students that reading can take us many places.

Our Motto: We have a reading heart.

Garfield and Lincoln Library Media Centers

Garfield Library Media Center On-line Catalog

You can access the Garfield Library Media Center catalog by following this link: Your student can look up a book or subject that they might be interested in while at home and come in the next school day to find it.

Students at Garfield come to the library every two weeks. They are allowed to check out three books at a time and at least one of the books should be a fiction book.
We meet for 50 minutes during their library time. The first 5 minutes is open for book commercials. The next 20 minutes is for checkout and silent reading. The last 25 minutes are for library lessons.

Students can come to the library every morning before school to find a spot to read or to checkout new books if they finish before their classroom library day.

Lincoln Library Media Center On-Line Catalog

The Lincoln Library Media Center catalog can be accessed by following this link: You can help your student find a just right reading book or a free choice book by browsing our online catalog.

Students at Lincoln are allowed to check out two books. One book should be a good reading book and their second choice is a free choice book. A free choice book is any book in our library at any level that interests the student. The free choice book helps the students foster the love for reading. The students come in twice a week for checkout. One of the checkouts is 25 minutes long and the last 10 minutes we read a story. The first part of the semester we connected our stories to the Seven Habits.

Every other Friday your student comes to the library for library skills lessons. We build each year on what the students have learned the year before. The goal for all students is that they become independent library users by the time they reach the middle school.

Top Ten Ways to Become a Better Reader

  1. Read
  2. Read
  3. Read
  4. Read
  5. Read
  6. Read
  7. Read
  8. Read
  9. Read
  10. Read

We emphasize that practicing reading is just like practicing for anything else, the more you practice the better you become.

Reading With Your Child

The following are links to articles regarding the benefits of reading aloud with your child and how to help your child develop the love of reading.

Garfield and Lincoln Library Media Centers

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