Martha Carson's Class Newsletter

Novmber 15, 2015

The Holidays are Almost Here!

While we've been busy working, learning, and playing at school, the seasons have changed! Before all the beautiful leaves were gone, we went outside on a bright, sunny day to get some pictures!

In the Days to Come

Through the remaining days before our Thanksgiving Holiday, we plan to review the letters we've recently studied, including Tt, Ff, Hh, Ee, Rr, Aa, and Oo. We will also learn about the letters Ll, in honor of LOVE. We love and are thankful for so many things, especially our families! We look forward to seeing our special guests at our lunch in our classroom tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out some fun songs we've been moving to at school.
Gobble Gobble |Turkey Song | Thanksgiving Song |
Thanksgiving Songs for Children - Ten Little Turkeys - Kids Song by The Learning Station