180Fusion Reviews - Legit or Scam?

Read 180Fusion review, complaints, and more

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180Fusion - A Short Primer

I found the data below by doing Google searches for terms such as "180fusion reviews" "180fusion complants" and "180fusion scam". I think clicked the results and read all the 180review from around the web. You should do the same to get a better idea of whether this is a company you want to work with or not.

180fusion - Quick Summary

As a website owner, you may find yourself in the need of more traffic, which means you need to optimize your website. In other words, you need the services of an SEO company, which can provide you with an examination of your site and propose, then conduct a marketing campaign to raise your website's visibility in the online medium.
One of those SEO companies is 180fusion, which is recognized online as a good marketing service provider. At least, this is what the internet says, at the first look.

180fusion - SEO service provider
180Fusion is established in the US and has about 100 employees: all of them being social media and digital marketing specialists, according to the company's claims. To support these claims, 180Fusion actually provides digital marketing certification courses, along with their services which help companies expand their marketing share, increase their sales and generate leads based on their online presence.

180Fusion was present in the press in multiple times. Inc Magazine Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America designated 180Fusion as the proud owner of #176. The LA Business Journal placed 180Fusion on #18 in the Top 100 Best Places to Work and #1 in marketing. However, the most important press reference is the one of CIO Magazines, which named 180Fusion one of the Top 50 Most Promising Google technology solutions of 2015. These are only some of the references in the press owned by 180Fusion.

What type of services 180Fusion provides?

180Fusion provides a wide variety of marketing services:

  • • PPC
  • • SEO
  • • Social Media Marketing
  • • Conversion optimization
  • • Mobile optimization
  • • Search Engine Marketing

At this point, 180Fusion seems to be a great option for any entrepreneur looking for a reliable company which can help them grow. But when you look for company reviews, you will see a different picture, as former clients of 180Fusion don't seem to get the top quality digital marketing they paid for.

What former clients say about 180Fusion?
A client's relationship with 180Fusion starts from their website main page, where anyone can get a free website performance analysis. A detailed report is shown in a matter of seconds after entering the URL of your website. From that point on, you can request a free consultation, during which you will be offered solutions for your website's problems.
Once you enter the game and sign a contract for digital marketing services with 180Fusion you might get in trouble.

On a quick Google search on 180Fusion you get people who say their website actually dropped in search engine results, as bad as from 3-4th position on the first page to a position in the 11th page. Another common complaint refers to the fact account managers had been changed a lot and they all fail to reply to the clients' messages. When it comes to communication, former clients of 180Fusion also complain about the lack of action and interest from the account manager when it comes to improving the client's website performance over the internet.

Other complaints over the internet refer to the black hat SEO methods used by 180Fusion, which have terrible effects on the client's website and their businesses, some of them being forced to close their business as a result.

Many former clients of 180Fusion mention the high costs of the services, which seem to range between $1000 and $25000.

To sum it up, it's very important to check the people's reviews before working with a company. Bad reviews in a large number, such as the ones regarding 180Fusion, are a red flag. A couple of bad reviews are normal for any company, because you can't please everyone, so they actually increase trust. On the other hand, more than some negative reviews signal the company reviewed has one or more problems. This makes it risky for you to enter a business with the company, so you should always read the reviews of former clients carefully and then rationally balance the risks and potential benefits of a partnership with the company.