Hillary Clinton

Should she be president?

Hillary Clinton was the first lady to Past president Bill Clinton. After Bills term was over she decided that she was going to run for president herself in the year 2008. Before Hillary there was no nominations for a female candidate.
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"Everyday Americans need a champion, I WANT to be that champion"

-Hillary Rodham Clinton

Opinions From Everyday Americans

Susan Dame:(school teacher) She voted for bill Clinton and loved what Hillary had to say about woman's right when she was first lady. She believes that she has a lot of power and it might be going to her head. Dame admired her for being a strong woman during the time her husband was having an affair. It would be hard for anyone to beat Hillary. Before Dame votes she needs more facts about the candidate before making up he mind.

David Dukeshire:(school social studies teacher) She is likely to win with the organization that she has behind her with the people that she has helping her run her campaign. Most democratic prefer to see Bernie Sander be successful but with the help Hillary has there's no chance for Bernie.

Anonymous Interview: They believe that she is also a very strong person, she lives a life in a double standard and shes looked upon on how people know that woman are intimidating and men are tough. Hillary makes it possible to get woman a foot in the work place to do whatever it is what they want to do. She does believe that the public isn't ready for the issues that she may raise. Not only is she a Amazing woman shes smart and can get things done and i would definitely vote for her.

The Four " Big Fights"

  1. Building "the economy of tomorrow, not yesterday!"
  2. Strengthening families and Communities
  3. Fixing "our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all even if it takes a constitutional amendment."
  4. Protecting our country from the threats we see and the ones that on the horizon.