Coahuiltecan Tribe

By: Sydney Truong


They lived in South Texas, or the Coastal plains.

Types of food they Ate

Weapons and Tools they used

They used spears, bow and arrows, and tomahawks. Most of these weapons were made of wood.

Type of Dwelling they lived in

They lived in a Spanish style hut called a Wickiup. It was made of sticks, animal skin, and grass.
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The Coahuiltecans believed in Shamans. A Shaman is a person that was believed to have the power to summon spirits and heal the sick.

Organization of Leadership

There was one Chief or leader. Usually the oldest male.

Where do they live now?

Most of the Coahuiltecan tribe is gone, but the younger generation still live down South.


Woven Baskets- They would take straw and weave them into baskets that would hold food, weapons, and other supplies.

Rabbit Stick- This was their form of a shovel.

How to Pronounce Coahuiltecan