Kentucky Derby Preview Packet

Download HBD's Kentucky Derby Preview Packet

HBD is proud to present the 2014 Kentucky Derby Preview Packet. Just as we gave you the industries best and most complete, easy to use guide on Breeders’ Cup day, we again have published a guide to help you handicap the Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby Preview brought to you by Horse Betting Direct includes:

  • Easy to read horse by horse analysis including both positive and negative trends and angles.
  • Race by race analysis of all 35 Kentucky Derby Prep Races
  • Race Replay’s of all 35 Kentucky Derby Prep Races
  • Analysis of all the major runners in each of the Kentucky Derby Prep Races
  • A close look at the jockey selection process focusing on which jockeys move on to each mount
  • Breakdown of a number of negative Kentucky Derby trends that will help you eliminate horses that may not be able to contend
  • Breakdown of a number of positive Kentucky Derby to help you find the winner in May
  • UPDATES! UPDATES! UPDATES! We will continue to update the file as more information comes out leading up to post time!