Red Wolf

By Justin Fisk

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Basic Information

Name : Red Wolf

Scientific name: Canis Lupus Rufus

Threat Level: Critically Endangered

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Biome: Temperate deciduous forest

Who lives in his biome: There are birds, Deer, raccoons.

Geographical Region: The red Wolf lives in North Carolina


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Community Interactinos

Predator/Prey: The Red Wolf has a Predator/Prey relationship with Deer, Raccoons, Wolfes, Human. The Red Wolf eats the animals like Deer, Raccoons, Birds and other animals like that. While the wolf gets hunted by other Wolfes, Humans, and most animals his size.

Feeding Relationships:

The Red Wolf is a Carnivore and mainly provides on other animals. He eats mainly animals in his region like Birds, Other wolfes and Raccoons.

Human Impact

While out in the forest the Red Wolf is hunted by hunters relatively often and that is really bringing down their population. They also are being hunted also by other wolfes and carnivores in that aspect.

DNA/Cell Reproduction

How does your animal Reproduce: My animal reproduces Sexually. It Is actively breeding from February to March. Once a male and female have sex and once the females have 2 to 10 babies then the males will get food and other resources for the female.