By The Numbers 9/19 - 9/23

For Parents of Students Telescoping to 4th Grade for Math

Inaugural Newsletter

This newsletter will be sent to you on Friday afternoons to keep you informed of what is happening in 4th grade math for students who telescope. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Objectives for Next Week

Monday September 19th:

  • Morning Math
  • End of Unit Assessment for Unit 1 - Place Value

Tuesday September 20th:

  • Morning Math
  • Pre-Assessment for Unit 2 - Problem Solving using Addition and Subtraction
  • Introduce Choice Menu & Extension Activities for Unit 2

Wednesday September 21st:

  • Morning Math
  • TEKS 4.4A: I can add and subtract whole numbers and decimals to the hundredths place using the standard algorithm
  • Small Group, Choice Menu & Extension Activities

Thursday September 22nd:

  • Morning Math
  • TEKS 4.5A: I can use addition and subtraction to solve word problems
  • Small Group, Choice Menu & Extension Activities

Friday September 23rd:

  • Morning Math
  • TEKS 4.5A: I can identify the numerical expression used to generate a number pattern
  • Small Group, Choice Menu & Extension Activities

By the end of this unit...

Students Should Know:
  • When to use addition or subtraction to solve word problems including problems with measurement
  • The standard algorithm is a method for solving addition and subtraction problems
  • Input-output tables are used to find relationships
  • Letters can stand for unknown quantities in an equation
  • Estimation is an efficient way to determine reasonableness
  • Perimeter is the distance around a figure

Students Should Be Able To:
  • Connect previously learned addition/subtraction strategies to the standard algorithm
  • Add and subtract using the standard algorithm
  • Identify which operation (addition/subtraction) will be used to solve word problems
  • Use addition and subtraction to solve multi-step problems
  • Solve for an unknown quantity in an equation
  • Create input-output tables to show a relationship
  • Identify a numerical expression used to describe a relationship in an input-output table
  • Analyze an input-output table to determine missing information
  • Find the perimeter of a rectangle
  • Use the formula (l + w + l + w) to find the perimeter of a rectangle.
  • Solve one step and multi-step word problems related to perimeter
  • Solve word problems involving measurement
  • Read and interpret graphs to solve one and two-step problems

Unit 2 Goal Sheet

Every student receives a goal sheet at the beginning of each math unit. This sheet is used to keep track of their progress and help them create individual goals for themselves. Below you will find a link to the goal sheet we will be using for Unit 2.

Unit 2 - Problem Solving with Addition & Subtraction