October 15th - 19th

Self-Control & Integrity

October 15th: All Grades

Discuss the CS Lewis quote (to the right) with your students.

1. Have them brainstorm instances where they can show integrity in the building.

2. Have them brainstorm instances where they can show integrity outside of school.

October 16th: All Grades

Watch the video link below about being aware of others.


Sometimes we are busy or with our friends and we might not see someone and might not be as helpful.

How did this boy show self-control when being kind to the women in the video?

Do you think integrity and kindness are connected?

October 17th: All Grades (Bystander with Integrity)


When you witness someone else being unkind to someone else, you are a bystander.

What are some ways that you can be a bystander with integrity? How can you help and do the right thing at the same time?

October 18th: All Grades

Read the quote about integrity and wisdom.

Ask students about things that they learned and how practicing that new skill with self-control is showing integrity.

(Kinder & 1st: You are going to have to give them examples.)

Is it sometimes hard to show integrity? How can we keep going with integrity when we might be tempted to do the wrong thing?

October 19th: All Grades

Play: This would take so much self-control game with students.

You can start off by saying something that would take a lot of self control for you...like..."It would take so much self-control to work in a bubble wrap factory without popping the bubbles.

The next person has to add something to different using that same sentence stem...

It would take so much self-control to ________________________.

They also have to work hard to come up with something different than what has already been mentioned.

Students can pass if they need to. See how many people you can get through without any repeats. :)

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary