Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

December 10, 2012

Mustang Market

We will shop the Mustang Market on the morning of Tuesday, December 11th. Mustang Market is a chance for your children to shop for you and other family members. Children who bring money will be escorted to the Market to shop. This can be tricky given that children of this age really want to shop for themselves. I ask that you return the envelope that was sent home last week and indicate for who your child is to buy for. The parent helpers will do the best they can. Enclose the cash your child is to shop with and please seal the envelope. I will collect them as they come in and hold them for the Market shop. Please send envelopes back to school by Tuesday morning so that I know who is shopping.

Raz Kids

The login information for Raz-Kids is taped inside your child's folder. The online resource is at a child's independent level. These should not be difficult to read for them. Children are to read, listen, read, quiz. Once they complete a level, they will automatically move up. I am able to monitor students progress. Please reinforce the pattern of read (to give it a try), listen (what it should sound like), read (practice what you heard), quiz (answer questions about what you read). IF they receive a gray check for the quiz they will need to listen to the book again and then retake the quiz.

This does NOT replace reading with your child or listening to your child retell books. This is in addition to what you are already doing. If you do not have internet access please let me know so that I can give your child priority when it comes to computer usage in the classroom.

Stuff the Stockings

This year students are going to make and decorate their own stockings in class. We ask that each child bring in 21 trinkets to pass out to their class family. Some suggested items are stickers, erasers, pencils, candy canes, or other novelty items. Children can also make pictures for each friend. These items are not to be wrapped or individualized. Children will drop their items in the stockings throughout the week of December 17th and students will have a chance to explore their stockings on Thursday, December 20th. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Important Dates

December 11th-14th Mustang Market

· ****** Return money envelope by Monday, December 10th

· December 12th Early Release Day (12:45)

· *** lunch at 11:15

· December 20th 4th grade Variety Show

· ***adjusted CAMP schedule

· December 20th Class Holiday Party 10:15

· December 21st- Sing Along at 8:15- TIME CHANGED FROM CALENDAR

· December 21st- Early Dismissal

· *** lunch at 11:15

Current skills to focus on...

  • Rote counting to 50
  • identifying numbers 0-12 with fluency
  • writing numbers 0-12 without reference
  • sorting items by like attributes (color, size, shape, etc)

Language Arts

  • identifying all 52 letters with fluency
  • identify the beginning and ending sounds of words
  • practice identifying sight words covered in class
  • ( it, is, we, will, I, a, to, can, the)d
  • write both uppercase and lowercase letters without looking at a reference
  • saying the ABC's making a special note of L M N O P as 5 individual letters not one long letter.

Cover Please!

This last week has been filled with sneezing and coughing by so many of our friends. Please help me reinforce covering our coughs and sneezes with the elbow. I am strongly encouraging children to wash their hands or sanitize often. We have reviewed how to use a tissue to clean out our dry nose rather than our fingers. I see that when some of our friends get tired or under the weather they resort to finger sucking or chewing on their clothes. This is strongly discouraged due to the spread of germs. Please reinforce this at home.

Items wanted to enhance our learning...

1/2 inch holiday ribbon * colored pencils * glitter glue * brown paper lunch bags * white tissue paper * black felt * washable markers * cotton balls * bag of play sand


On Friday we made a few indoor rockets. We put water and an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a film container and closed it quickly. The gas build up pops the top and it hits the ceiling of the classroom in seconds.