Canada in 2035

Will Canada be the greatest country in 2035


What will Canada be like in 2035, well Today I will be telling you about this topic I will be telling you about Canada now and in the future and if it will be the greatest country to live in 2035. I will go through all the important information like Jobs, resources, Industries and many other things to Determine if Canada will be the greatest country in 2035.

Changing population

Canada is great in many ways and will be in the future, but what really is special are the people living here. People form all over the world live here. The current population right now is around 35 million people and Canada is in Stage 4 of the demographic transition Model headed toward stage five. In stage 4 the birth rate and death rate are low and in Stage 5 there is a very low birth rate and low death rate also the population is aging. Canada's current birth rate is 1.54 children per women. Now I will take more about Canada's immigration, Canada is called the Land of Immigrants because millions of people have immigrated and settled here 97% of our population are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. People who immigrate here mostly live in Ontario[25.5%] ,British Columbia[24.8%] and in Alberta[14.2%]. Also since the birth rate is declining immigration could help raise the population. Now I will talk more about the First Nations the First Nations are governed under the Indian Act they have mostly a young population and a high birth rate there population is growing due to the high birth rate. Some of the First Nations live on reserves around 300 000. That is Canada's population now but how will it be in the future well Canada's population will increase because more people will Immigrate here, but the birth rate will decrease because we will have entered stage 5 of the demographic transition Model and our population will have more older people than younger. Lots of people from the skilled worker class will immigrate here and lots of Family and Economic immigrants. They will might immigrate here to find a job, better education or reunite with their family. The First Nations population will still be rising due to the high birth rates and the population will get older because a lot of there population is young and in the future that young population will get older causing there population to get older. Overall Canada has many great multicultural people living in it that make it one of the greatest country's to live in.
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Interactions in the physical environment

Canada is a great country and it has great climate, vegetation and great eye catching landforms I will tell you this information in two of Canada's main landform regions the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Western Cordillera.

First I will talk about St. Lawrence lowlands which are in Ontario. The vegetation in the St. Lawrence lowlands is great the eco zone is called the Mixwood plains eco zone, the soil in this ecozone are leached, wet climate soils which are not for argiculture. The vegetation in this region consists of Coniferous mixed with deciduous trees with many other trees. The landform in this region are plains and the rolling hills and this region also has Great Lakes. The climate in this region in this region has cold winters and warm summers. In this region in the summer there is conventional precipitation and in the winter it mostly cyclonic preciptation. The average temperature in this region is -7 in the winter and 20 in the summer the average preciptation in this region is 700 to 1000mm. The Great Lakes have a affect on the climate a little due to the moderating affect.

The Western Cordillera is located in mostly Brtish Colmubia. The vegetation in this region contains a wide variety of mountain soils and the vegetation consists of Conferious trees, pine and western red ceder trees. The landforms in this region are mostly mountains. The climate in this region consists of mild winters due to the pacific ocean and warm summers in this area there is mostly relief precipitation due to the mountains and on shore breeze because when the air hits the mountain it is forced up and will it is rises the air pressure drops and it cools, that causes water vapour to condense. That causes relief precipitation and on the windward side of the mountain there is a lot of precipitation and on the leeward side there is rarely any rain it is dry and desert like because it is a rain shadow.

Canada has great regions and everyone of them are unique and different it just depends on what you are looking for like if you like warm weather you can live in the western cordillera every landform region is amazing

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Managing Canada's resources & industries

Canada has a lot of resources and great industries, some of our most valuable resources are oil, gold, fresh water, lumber, copper and many other resources. The most valuable resource right now is oil, The oil Industry makes Canada around $49 billion a year and creates many jobs 121 000 jobs right now and if the pipeline gets approved it would create even more jobs. That is 2.7% of our GDP and talking about oil 99% of our oil is exported to the United States. Also 75% of our other exports go the the United States they are our biggest trade partner and some of our other trade partners are China[4.3%], United Kingdom[4.1] and Japan[2.3%]. The biggest thing we export now are Mineral fuels & oil, we export 25.5% of our Minerals and fuels. Right know we are using a lot of our resources, but are we using them sustainable, well we are doing alright at using our resources sustainable. These are our Global connection now, but in the future who will be our biggest trade partner, what will be our most valuable resource and how will we use our resources sustainable. Our biggest trade partner will probably still be the United States surely if the pipeline is approved because it would be easier to transport oil and we mostly export oil to the United States, that would probably be our most valuable resource because we have lots of oil in the sands and in the reserves, we have have millions of oil barrels in the reserves. We would do a better job at using our resources sustainable because technology would be more advanced that would find more ways to use our resources sustainable. Canada has a lot of great Industries & resources now and will in the future and will use them more sustainable .
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Liveable Communites

Canada has great communities everywhere like Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and many other great communities and all of the communities have different things to offer and all of them are doing the little things to be more sustainable and fix the issues with urban sprawl. Some of the issues with urban sprawl are lots of traffic which cause longer commute times, dealing with waste management, maintaining and building new roads and hard to get around the city. Also it causes pollution and there are health problems like obesity which is caused by longer commute times and types of cancer caused by the pollution in the air and many other concerns. Those are some of the problems of urban sprawl, but what are city's doing to solve those issues? Well city's are making more public transit to make it easier to travel around the city, which takes more cars off the road that also cuts down commute times. To deal with the waste management city's are recycling things more that can be recycled and reuse them which cuts down on the waste that goes into the landfills. Also cities are producing there own food to become more sustainable with urban agricultural, which strengthens the economy and community and costs less money to transport food. Cities are making more green spaces in the city as well adding more nature in them that attracts more people. Communities in Canada are doing the little things to become more sustainable and make them better to live in.

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In Conclusion Canada will be the greatest country to live due to many reasons we have all types of climate, good vegetation, great communities, Industries and great multicultural people. Overall In 2035 Canada will be a great country to live in.