Welcome New Freshman

Lets talk about the English 9 class you will be taking!

Beginning 9th grade

Hello, my name is Sheard Evans and I am probably a 10th grader right now. Mrs. Allen is one of my prefered teachers, I do not have favorites because I do not want to be here. If you pay attention and keep a binder (stuff I did not do) you will be totally fine. Do not try and slide through. It is not easy, take it from me.

The Material

You will read books, do reports, and have fun. Just remember not too much fun. Here are some examples.

  • Monster
  • Group Literature Circles
  • The Odyssey
  • Poetry


This book is about a teenager who was involved in a robbery/murder. I personally did not like this book simply because of the ending. You may like it or may not, but you will still have to do it.

Group Literature

I only did Gym Candy this year because I came late. It could be a good thing if you get a good group. My group played too much. Just read on your own if you're in the same situation.

The Odyssey

This is a Greek God story. I did not like this story either. The book was good just didn't interest me. If you like imaginary action books, this will be the one for you.


So far this has been my favorite thing, you can write about something personal something that interests you but you need to be emotional about your topic. You will compose your own poem and preform it.

My Fave

I liked how even when I gave up all hope and was going to fail Mrs. Allen kept pushing me to do work and I have a good chance of passing this year thanks to her.

My Hate

Doing the work, I cannot stand school. I hate when teachers say "I have to be here everyday too.". I hate it because they're payed to be here unlike me but you need school and have to just put up with it.


Do not do anything I did. Look at me as your anti-role model. Just PAY ATTENTION. That is the key to success not only in this class but every class this year. DO NOT GET LAZY!
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Top 5 Guideline

  1. Stay organized (keep Everything)
  2. Pay attention
  3. Take this paper to heart
  4. DO THE WORK!!
  5. Do not wait till the last minute like me

My Famous Quote

"Be the change you want in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi