Prom & Graduation Update


Dear Liberty Students and Families,

On behalf of the entire Liberty staff, I want you to know that we are thinking about you. If you need anything this summer, please reach out to any of our administrators.

In accordance with guidelines set by St. Charles County, several Liberty events have been

canceled or postponed. We recognize that this closure has been especially hard on our senior class.

I would like to give everyone an update on Prom and Graduation. We have secured a

graduation date with the Family Arena for Saturday, July 25. After meeting with Family Arena, we are proceeding with the full intention of having the event. The county will have social

distancing guidelines enforced during the ceremony. We will be creating a virtual message to supplement for graduation practice. Later today, we will send an email invite for students to

pick up cords and medals at Liberty.

After consulting with the county and school district officials, we have made the decision to

cancel Prom across the district. Social distancing at a dance would be very challenging.

Thank you for your patience and please know that this was a very difficult decision to make.

Please let us know if you need help or assistance.

Ed Nelson

Building Principal

Steve Pryor (Last names A-G)

Assistant Principal

Lindsay Kiely (Last names H-M)

Assistant Principal

Matt Kiesel (Last names N-Z)

Assistant Principal