The July Bomb Plot

By: Jake Kizer

World War II and the July Bomb Plot

In 1921 Adolf hitler was named the leader of the Nazi organization. In 1939 the second global war that became known as World War II began. Adolf Hitler was a man who took in lot’s of mixed feelings from his people of germany. Hitler became chancellor of germany in 1933 six years Before World War II started. Some people liked him and supported him, others were simply scared and fakley supported him, and others did not like him even some of his officers in the Nazi organization. Some would choose to rebel others would simply follow rules and keep their mouths shut. The July bomb plot was a plan set to assassinate Hitler. The plan was made by a group of German conspirators that felt very strongly about Hitler’s removal from the position of Chancellor of Germany. The main leader of this group was a highly ranked officer in the Nazi party known as Claus Von Stauffenberg. The plan was for Stauffenberg who had yet to see Adolf Hitler in person before this plan even took place. Stauffenberg was supposed to attend a meeting where Hitler would be present. Stauffenberg was set up to carry a suitcase that had a concealed time bomb inside of it. Stauffenberg was simply supposed to place the suitcase close by Hitler and then once the bomb blows up the job is done. The leader of these conspirators Claus Von Stauffenberg was born in jettingen, Germany in the year of 1907. At nineteen years of age as a bright cadet Stauffenberg attended the War academy in Berlin. He Joined The general staff in 1938 as a quartermaster in General Eric Hoepner’s 1st light division. Stauffenberg was involved with combat positions in all of Adolf Hitler’s major campaigns throughout the entire country of Europe. Stauffenberg also became involved in the “ Security Police Units “ also known as the mass murderers of Jews in Russian territory. Stauffenberg would continue to climb the ranks of the German military but at the same time he also was growing in hate against Adolf Hitler. Stauffenberg was seriously wounded in an area south of the African desert. The accident happened when allied fighters strafed Stauffenberg’s vehicle. He lost his left eye, right hand, and two fingers of his left hand during surgery. Before then Stauffenberg had decided that he would try and help overthrow Hitler. Stauffenberg only agreed to join the conspiracy on the civilian side of things. The devised a plan that was later given the name “ The July Bomb Plot “.

Claus Von Stauffenberg

Before the plan could be played Stauffenberg who was still currently serving in the military had to get promoted to a position that would grant him direct access to Hitler’s briefing sessions. In June 1944 Stauffenberg accomplished this goal by being promoted to Colonel and directed to Chief of Staff to Home Army Commander. This rank gave him access to the briefing sessions. Before this assassination attempt there had been six attempts directed towards Hitler aborted. Later Stauffenberg received orders that the next meeting to take place would be on July 20th.

The Meeting and attempt

Stauffenberg attended the meeting with a time bomb hidden inside a briefcase he was carrying. When he walked in he sat it against a table leg right next to Hitler, an ideal spot for the explosion. After Stauffenberg set the bomb down he made an excuse to leave the room that he had to take a telephone report from berlin. As Stauffenberg left the table a man sitting close to hitler moved the briefcase to where it was pointing away from Hitler. Meanwhile Stauffenberg got to his staff car and the explosion occurred. Thinking the explosion occurred Stauffenberg managed to get out of Wolf’s Lair and onto a plane to begin a trip to Berlin. Hitler survived the explosion with only a cut on his hand and minor eardrum damage.

The aftermath of the attempts

It had been thought that Stauffenberg was responsible after witnesses reported seeing him drive off very quick from the wolf’s lair. Hitler had given out orders for the SS officers to arrest him immediately. Thinking that he had ended Hitler’s life Stauffenberg told the conspirators to proceed with the second part of the plan. This part was instruction for the Reserve Army to place Germany under a state of emergency. This part of the plan was aborted after Major Remer received a call directly from Hitler saying that he was alive and still in control. Now knowing that the attempt failed Stauffenberg tried to get far away from the other conspirators after learning Hitler ordered for immediate arrest and execution of him. Just twelve hours after the bomb had exploded Stauffenberg and three others were arrested and executed by shooting. The men that were sitting on Hitler’s side of the table during the explosion were awarded a wounded metal that was either black, silver, or gold and it also included Hitler’s signatures. Wolf’s lair was absolutely destroyed. A memorial stone on the site of wolf’s lair dedicates Stauffenberg calling him a very brave man.

Conclusion to the Plot

Stauffenberg showed amazing braveness to go into a meeting to kill a man that has the power to do whatever he wants. He did this because he wanted to do what he thought was right and help his country in a time of despair. Millions of people were suffering from Hitler’s wrath and Stauffenberg tried to put a stop to it by ending his life. Stauffenberg knew that if he failed he would be sure for death. Claus von Stauffenberg was executed by shooting on July 21, 1944.