Ancient Egypt

By:Alexis Clifford

Comparison of Mesopotamia and Egypt

The comparison is that the Egyptians has polytheism, so did Mesopotamia. The other comparison is that the are both located by the Mediterranean Sea. These are the comparisons of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

How Egyptians protected their land.

The desert was way way to hot. Still the enemies tried to come in. The Egyptians had wonderful armies. The armies were what protected the Egyptians.

The Social Hierarchy

There are five stages in the pyramid of the Egyptians. There are Pharaohs at the top. Then the Nobles. Then the farmers. And finally the servants, and slaves. Each class has there own different qualities. This is why the social hierarchy is so important.
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The Rosetta Stone.

This was a writing tool. It had three languages. One was Greek. another was Egyptian. The last one was hieroglyphic. The Rosetta stone is important because it's a script made for religious reasons. It holds the understanding of Egyptian objects. Its so important that it is held in the British Museum.
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The famous pharaohs of Egypt.

Some of the most famous pharaohs were King Tut - He was crowned pharaoh at age 9 and only ruled for 10 years and then died.

Ramses- was suppose ably the most POWERFUL rulers.

Khufu-built the pyramids.

Cleopatra- was Egypt's LAST pharaoh/QUEEN.

Snefru -was responsible for so many pyramids

King Tut.

King tut was a significant builder.

He was so good that he had built his own tomb.

Ramses The Great

Ramses had fought the Hittites.

He was also considered the last great pharaoh.

He had accomplished many spectacular things.

He also built monuments.

The Religion of Ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians had practiced polytheism. They had different places to worship different gods. Each house hold worshiped different gods.The pyramids is where they put the mummified bodies. The mostly royal families were the ones who had them or loved ones in the pyramids. Some poor families could put loved ones in into the pyramids too. The Egyptians believed in after life. After life meant that they would wrap up people and by doing this it was called Mummification. So the Ka would go to the gods.
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