New Jersey Colony

Rose Okeny


The New jersey colony is a very interesting place.

first I bet your wondering who found the New Jersey Colony or the founders.Who were Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley.The first people to live in the New Jersey Colony were Indians.Those indians were called the Lenni Lenape tribe.If you think you have it tough now then you could never live in the New Jersey Colony.The New Jersey Colony has more interesting facts that you'll learn as you go along.

Who found the New Jersey Colony

The New Jersey Colony was found by two very smart and successful men.

In 1664 the New Jersey founders were Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley.Sir George Carteret was the royalist statesman in Englang as Treasurer of the navy.Sir George was the Lord Poprietor of North Carolina and New Jersey,which were both named after him.The name New Jersey came from the Isle of Jersey,Carteret birth place.Sir George lived a long 70 years,born on 1610 and died on 1680 January 19.Next we have Lord John Berkeley.John Berkeley was a English Royalist Soldier.In 1648 he closely associated with Jame Duke of York,and rose to prominence fortune and fame.John Berkeley was born in 1602 on died on 1678 in August 28.

In conclusion,Sir George and Lord Berkeley were the founders of the New Jersey Colony and lived a successful long life.

The indians of the New Jersey Colony

The Indians of New Jersey had a very interesting way of living,you are about to find out just how interesting.

The first people who lived in the New Jersey Colony were Indians,the Lenni Lenape Indians.By 1500there were at least 8000 Lenni Lenape Indians in New Jersey and more in Pennsylvania,Delaware,and New York.The Lenni Lenape lived a very well organized life style.They conducted to all natural raw materials available in the state of New Jersey.Those natural resources providedthe food,clothing,and houses.The Lenni Lenape Indians traveled with the seasons,making full use of the area resources.In the spring they planted gardens around the settlement.In the summer they would catch oysters and clams while trying to stay cool.In the fall they would move back to there village and harvest the crops.Lastly in the winter they hunted deer and other animals.The Lenni Lenape lived a great life in a great way,but unfortunately did not survive long after the arrival of the Eropeans.Conflict between the two cultures led to hostile wars.The Eropeans needed to own land and had diseases,guns,and alcohol they brought with them,in which case made it impossible situation for the survival of the Lenni Lenape and there homeland.

In conclusion, the Lenni Lenape tribe lived a well organized life style but unfortunately did not survive long after the Eropeans.

Life in the New Jersey Colony

The colonist in the New Jersey Colony lived a very care free lives,except for the intense farm work.Poor families had some burdensome workdaysin the blazing sun on the stretched field carrying unbearably heavy loads.They would work from sunrise to sunset,farmers usually had crystal clear beads of sweat running down their face.Other jobs were common in New Jersey such as miller,potter,miners,shipbuilders,and carpenters.When the sun sets the farmers would go home to there barns and would see a hot meal laid out in front of them.The woman were busy watching the children,keeping gardens,spinning yarn,crafting soap,or making candles from dripping animal fat.As you could see it was very hard job living in the colnoial days of New Jersey.

In conclusion,it was very hard working and living in New Jersey.


As you already know the New Jersey Colony is a different but interesting colony that I have enjoyed learning about.

Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley were the founders of the New Jersey Colony.

The Lenni Lenape were the Indians of the New Jersey Colony and lived a well organized life.

Life in the New Jersey Colony was busy and everyone had something to do.

The New Jersey Colony was a very interesting colony to learn,hope you found it interesting as well.


Colonist:A person who lives in a colony or helps create one.

Founders:One that finds or enstablishes something.

Natural resources:Industrian materials and capacities(mineral deposits and water power)supplied by nature.


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