Grayson Waller

About Armenia

Landlocked from all its sides, Armenia has Turkey on its west, Azerbaijan in the east, Iran in the South and Georgia in the North. The country spreads across 29, and is centered about the lush Ararat Valley. As much as 5% of the country’s land space is covered by the majestic Sevan Lake, while more than about 200 small streams and rivers pass through the beautiful country of Armenia. A very historic country, Armenia is one and the only country that has its mention in the 3,000 years old world maps of Anatolia. Armenia also became the first Christian country in the world that accepted Christianity as its religion over 1,700 years earlier, in 301 AD. As a result of its rich heritage, the country has a rich culture and is known for its great hospitable people.

Why should you visit Armenia?

To visit Armenia is to travel back in history and feel the spirit of more than 41 centuries. Experience first hand the "country sheltered by Biblical Ararat” home of Noah’s Ark; the land where human kind was reborn. Armenia offers a little something for every person.

Places to see