Find a spot in a green space near you and sit.

Press pause and find your sit-spot

Life is busy! We live in a culture that promotes and perpetuates the constant need to move, accomplish and do. From traffic jams, to multiple jobs, to a different event each night of the week, it feels sometimes like we've lost a vital connection. Connection to nature, to each other and to ourselves.

One great way to bring that connection back into our lives is through the sit spot! This is a tool that has been used by many different cultures living close to the land.

What is the sit spot?

Pretty simple: find a spot in or close to nature, and sit. Go there as often as you like/ can and observe how nature changes over the seasons. Go here to learn more about the sit spot and how it can help you reconnect.

Get to know your hood!

How well do you really know your neighbourhood? We bet you'd be surprised to find out how much wild exists in the most urban spaces. Through the sit spot you'll discover where the nests are, what plants grow in the cracks of the pavement, and what birds move through the area. Most of all you'll be entering into a practice of cultivating some dang stillness in your life. No yoga, meditation, or affirmations necessary!


Saturday, Sep. 14th, 12am to Sunday, Sep. 15th, 11pm

A Green Space near you

We need your support!

This September 14th and 15th, we are hosting a unique fundraiser all based on sitting in nature. This is a great opportunity for our community to ban together, do something a bit different and raise money for p.i.n.e.'s "Best Day Ever Fund" providing scholarships to many families and youth to take part in p.i.n.e. programming.

Sign Up to Sit Down!

Its no marathon but it takes just as much determination to step back from the busy world and SIT for a good cause. How can you help? Sign up yourself, or talk to your child about doing the sit-a-thon! Won't be around? That's alright your can sponsor someone who is!

Join us in Ontario's first Sit-A-Thon this September and raise money for the p.i.n.e. project scholarship fund helping kids and adults access nature programs and creating more resilient communities!


To register for the sit-a-thon, contact our Participant Coordinator, Laura Schriener at

In return to your e-mail you'll get:
- a sit-spot info package
- access to our online sit-spot community
- bi-weekly updates
- an account to raise donations for your sit online

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