Computer Hardware

Input/Output, Processing, Communication and Storage Devices

Input and Output Devices

Input devices are things that are able to store any information inside a computer; and an output device is something that is able to display information on something like a monitor or maybe even a smartboard. some examples or input and output devices are: A scanner- scanners take information in for it to do its job, therefore it's an input device. Output devices include items such as TVs and printers; printers are output devices because it displays information from the computer onto sheets of paper which come out from a printer...

Communication Devices

A Communication Device is a piece of equipment or hardware that is able to move or pass through information from one place to another. Some examples of communication devices are: telephones/mobiles, Wi-fi cards, modems and also network interface cards; some of very many others. A telephone/mobile is a communication device because it allows information that is verbal, to go from one place to another, or, from on end on the phone to the other person.

Processing Devices

Processing devices in a computer are responsible for controlling the storage and retrieval of information. The information is processed by the computer processor (CPU)which performs data calculations, data comparisons, and data copying with the information from the processing devices. The CPU then saves that information to the computer memory (RAM).Today's computers contain multiple processing devices. Any device that deals with the input and output of information does some form of processing on that information, some with more complexity than others. The one processing device that most people think of is the CPU, but devices like the graphics card, computer memory, network card and others are processing devices as well.

Storage Devices

Storage devices are used by many people, mainly students and people who work. They are a way to store any work and other important things into a device which has the work saved and is able to keep it unless you have deleted it. There are many different types of storage devices. Some include: USB/ Memory Sticks, Media Devices and also Memory Card Readers. USB/Memory Sticks work by putting the memory stick into the computer after any work has been done, and then the work is to be saved into the memory stick and the saved piece of work I'll be kept inside it unless you have deleted the document.