Welcome to Heru Zum Botar Namutay

Where every kid's dream comes true. Not really. maybe.

Visit the kiddies favorite fun house in the world ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Sul sul, Our high quality animatronics entertain your children to the fullest extent. we even serve a full menu of healthy and low calorie foods that will keep your child healthy.

every wednesday and friday we show the children the ''magic'' behind the animatronics

Our robots perform songs and dances for the kids and the light weight robots even stage dive! They won't hurt your kids or you we promise! not all of our robots perform most are for just admiring. The robots have five flexible joints, they can use their arms and legs and also twist their head. The robots end effector is also multifunctional because they can sing and dance. The other ones for admiration can only walk around, make noises, and twist their head. Each one of our robots have senses in their eye sockets that make sure they do not walk over anything or injure anyone or anything. We type the robots program by computer for differant skills. The robots we use do not move freely as humans do and we can control where they roam. The kids love our robots in fact they get hugs everyday from children. Our employees have to take care of the robots and we need highly intelligent programmers to program the robots. We can reprogram our robots to do whatever humans can do, but they can only have limited actions. The robots speak simlish, benzi chibna looble bezebni gweb.

Some of our employees

gaurenteed to keep your children safe and entertain

frequently asked questions

Are our children safe with the animatronics? Yes, they are because we moniter your children and the robots have sensors to not injure anyone and they are programmed by Dan.

Will the robots malfunction? No, they shouldn't because they have been specifically programmed by Dan,and they are taken care of by Dan.

The Origin

Our business originated in Hidden Valley, Simland. We are only business, not goof. Our business was founded by Shelby Connolly and Emily Skeen. Because they both loved chucky cheeses robots and found them facinating.