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Holidays are almost here!

What's on your list?

True story-few years ago my girlfriend called me the day after Christmas sobbing and told me that her boyfriend ( at a time) gave her a Ladder for His Boat as a gift! What? And No, it was not an White Elephant Gift! Its funny now and that brings me to the next question: WHAT'S ON YOUR SANTA LIST? Maybe something sparkly ( to update that LBD so you can look ravishing) , maybe a charm necklace that tells Your story( because everyone has a Story to tell) ,maybe amazing new clutch, wallet or bag! Or maybe a warm colorful scarf to brighten up the outfit?! Stella&Dot and I, as your personal stylist , are here to help you with your Wish List as well as your Christmas Shopping list ! In this newsletter you will find my personal style suggestions, It gifts of the season and everything else Stella&Dot!



Host a Trunk Show!

At Stella&Dot we are all about fashion, style and socialization! ( who wants to sit thru hours of presentation?..not me) We know that you just like us work a lot ( professionally or stay at home mom -hardest jobs on a planet, if you ask me) We know you need some "Me Time"

If you haven't been to a S&D trunk show-You should! It a pop-up boutique in your friends living room! It's fun ( I promise), No pressure sales (Ever!) but what you do get is : couple of hours of great conversation( a glass of bubbly of course) and free styling advise from a Stylist! And, if you happened to love something, you get to order, and its delivered irresistibly packaged and ready for gift giving to your door steps in about 3-5 business days! Oh yes, Hostess earn rewards and 1/2 off credits ( my average in Nov/dec are $250-$750 in free jewelry and accessories and shopping at 1/2 off) I know, I know its a reward for hanging with your besties for coupe of hours, but somebody has to do it :)!

My calendar is really filling up, but I have few dates still available, lets chat-pronto!, ph.734.260.3328 Traverse city area nov/Dec.dates available

Metro Detroit ( select few Nov./Dec dates)

November Trunk Show Specials!

We have released the December TS specials early, So you cant take advantage of both November and December Specials!!!

Perfect Stocking stuffers or Gifts to friends!

4 Inspirational bracelets (3 for $60) live up to their names, includes a gift card with special phrase:

Light-Friendship ties, Sparkle from The light within!

Courage-From Caring comes Strength!

Love-The Richness in Live is in Love!

Wisdom -featuring beautiful genuine pearls!


Our Famous Poufs in 11 irresistible colors: 3 for $60

( perfect for travel, or make and jewelry organization)

Have you thought of becoming a Stylist?

Whats your WHY? Maybe Debt Free Christmas, Maybe new pair of Sparkly shoes, maybe family vacation, or maybe extra income to catch up on the bills, pay a mortgage, buy a ballet lesson for your daughter or soccer lesson for your son?? Whatever it is, you can accomplish it by becoming part (5-10 hours/week) or full time stylist ( 25 hours/week or more! ) On average Stylist makes $75/hour.:) ohh and we get to wear and keep all the fabulous jewelry and accessories, whats not to Love! No special education or training needed.Can be done anywhere in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Germany and France.

Have a friend who you think would love it, let me know, we pay our referrals in Sparkly currency ( jewels that is!)

Have you seen our packaging?! Every single piece is wrapped and ready for Gift Giving or simply keeping your jewelry safe and organized!

Can I be Your Little Elf???

What Are you waiting For? Email me ( text me 734.260.3328 , send message via white doves ( ok, not really) your WISH LIST ( or create it on my site and Your Santa's contact info ( husband, boyfriend, special significant other, mom/dad or whoever else:) I will be The Special Elf ( yes in a tutu) who will deliver the special message to them and help with arrangements so, when you wake up on Christmas Morning you don't get to unwrap a ladder, broom or any kind of cleaning device!) Unless you really want one ( a broom that is ) and if you do, we need to talk over a glass of wine!:)



Your Friend and Your Stella&Dot Stylist :)