Matt: A Writer

Reflections of a Proud Writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I'm a writer who's not afraid to push the limits. Anything in my brain, in any time, can possibly turn into a story. I feel confident when i'm sitting at my desk, a writing program open on my computer's desktop. With my brain full of ideas, and my finger stretched and ready to write, I have no boundaries.

A Memorable Experience

Several years ago, my writing started up. The reason I suddenly had such an interest in a subject I had not been so keen about before, is because my sister started writing a book. This wasn't a glorified picture book, or short 10 page story, she began to write a real book, that she's still making changes to, so many years later. My interest started with several miserably failed attempts at my own book. Even so, my interest in writing had been sparked.

Sixth grade writing goals

  1. Take more time to write, don't only write for an assignment, write in my own time.
  2. Help my friend write his book.
  3. Add much much more detail to my pieces.
  4. Enjoy Writing.

About me

I'm Matt, a normal 6th Grader who simply enjoys writing. I have an older sister, but no other siblings. I love to spend my time outside, reading, and simply having fun. I've decided to write more, and spend more time enjoying what I love to do.