NDMS 6th Grade

November Newsletter

General Announcements

  • Nov. 7 - Veteran's Day Assembly
  • Week of Nov. 10 - Benchmark Testing in LA and Math classes
  • Nov. 11 - No School - Veteran's Day
  • Nov. 26 - 28 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Social Studies

Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Whitehead

In Social Studies we have studied Ancient Mesopotamia and are getting ready to begin our unit on the second civilization, Ancient Egypt. Students will explore the world of the Ancient Egyptian and learn about how their lifestyle was very different from our lives today. Students will learn about achievements and inventions that the Egyptians contributed to society as well as their practice of mummifying their dead. This is always a favorite for the students.


Mrs. Lowery, Ms. Lyerly

Math classes have been working on operations with fractions. We have reviewed how to add, subtract, and multiply fractions, but we are putting an emphasis on dividing fractions. This is a very important topic in sixth grade. Students need to remember that we divide fractions by multiplying by the divisor's reciprocal! KEEP IT - CHANGE IT - FLIP IT!

Remember that Weekly Essentials are always due on Fridays.


Ms. Baldwin, Mrs. Lowery, Ms. Lyerly

In sixth grade science classes, students learned about early space exploration, the first manned space flights, the Apollo missions and later programs including the International Space Station and Hubble Telescope. Watching "Apollo 13" gave students a sense of the training and teamwork, as well as the adventure, involved in early space exploration.

Language Arts

Mrs. Whitehead

We are currently trying to finish Touching Spirit Bear and wrap it up with our totem pole project. I can't wait to put some pictures on my webpage.

We will begin to introduce "stem" words (what most of you call prefixes, suffixes, and root words). Students will learn 6 new stems every two weeks and begin to see how these word parts have meaning to help them decipher new words.

We will continue working on some grammar, writing, and reading comprehension.

Mr. Brooks

In November, students will be completing a narrative writing assignment that will connect previous writing strategies students have learned through Writer's Workshop. Students continue to build strong fluency and vocabulary through classroom activities and assignments. Students have been working diligently on finding text examples to support statements through "Know..Is..Because" statements.

2nd Quarter Reward

Our 1st Quarter reward was a load of fun! We enjoyed our trip to the Alpha and Omega Corn Maze. Students were able to enjoy a maize maze, air pillow, bounce house, corn box, pumpkin blaster, hay ride, and much more! The students were rewarded for their efforts and behavior!

Our 2nd Quarter trip will be at the end of the 9-weeks. We will be taking those students who did not receive a referral or fail any classes to go ICE SKATING. This is always a fun trip because some students have never been ice skating before! Last year, we had a blast and enjoyed the day! Encourage your child to do whatever it is they need to do to not accumulate enough red slips to warrant a referral and try their hardest to pass their classes.