The Magnificent

Suleyman's reign

Suleyman I was born April 27 1495, in Trebizond ,Turkey. His mother Hafsa Sultan and his father Sultan Selim. Like his father Suleyman I was soon to be the greatest leader of the 16th century. Suleyman's father Sultan made sure he had a good education, which he then applied into making his kingdom not only indivisible but also organized .In 1520 Sulyman began conquering Belgeard ,Rhodes, and Persian in the 1520's and 1530's and soon adding Baghdad and Tabriz to the ongoing collection of nations. allying with France Suleyman went warring against Charles the IV which gave him political insight.He was a fair but firm emperor he placed people in the government based on abilities instead of family heredity. Because he had written a strict set of laws which were not questioned hes was also given the name "Kanuni" (law giver). suleyman died the 7th of September 1566 at the age of 71. He also wrote poems which to this day are the greatest in islam.
Suleiman The Magnificent 1

Suleymans's Magnificent Achievements

Suleyman brought the Ottoman empire to the height of its existence conquering Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Hungry, Palestine, Jordan,Lebanon, Syria, parts of Arabia, much of the coastal of north Africa. Suleyman wasn't only great in military abilities but his administrative achievements was incomparable. He organized his empire so that all people of the ruling class and who were deathly loyal were responsible for the maintenance of religion, military, culture and also ensuring that the sultan system which strengthened his reign was working smoothly. He also built mosques, bridges, aqueducts and large strong wall around his empire to keep out bandits.

Suleymans impact then and now

suleyman changed the course of the ottoman empire and raised the expectation of all of his successors. Also Suleyman the magnificets' artifacts can be found in many museums such as "The Metropolitan Museum of Art"