New Horizons in Energy

Scientist believe that they may have mastered Nuclear Fusion

Press release from Carl Emmeton:

Yes it is true that we have unlocked the full potential of Nuclear Fusion and are in the process of harnessing it as an energy source. First off, I must remind everyone that Nuclear Fusion is the combining of two lighter atoms in order to form a much heavier atom as a product, This must not be confused with Nuclear Fission which is when a heavier nucleus will split up into much smaller and lighter atoms. With this in mind we can tell the public that the change to nuclear fusion as a source of power will be slow, there are many safety concerns that we have to worry about, one of these being the very nature of nuclear fusion itself. For one thing nuclear fusion will produce countless neutral cells, which don't combine with positive cells all too well. left uncombined these could mutate into radioactive cells. This in turn could irradiate the container that houses the chemicals and erode the walls. These walls would have to keep being replaced every few years, maybe even every few months. And if we ever miss a day we are supposed to replace the wall, then we would have a Chernobyl incident right here in America. We do believe that this would be an amazing replacement for current power sources. It would be a great green way to solve this nations power problems.