Roman vs U.S ideas of...

Citizenship, Laws & Justice


The romans had different classes, the higher the power, amount of rights they had
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Not All Were Equal

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- FREE roman men could enjoy all rights

- women had very limited rights

- slaves were property of the higher class/ they had almost NO RIGHTS

- freedmen were former slaves with limited rights, but their children would be free

Roman Laws

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ALL laws were written down, so if you wanted to do something, but didn't know if it followed the laws, you could check.


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the romans had many ways to fight for justice

- fines - pay money

- beatings

- banishments - have to leave rome

- slavery

- execution if guilty of treason

- patricide - killing your father was punished by being drowned in a river

- slaves were beaten harder, work harder, or were often crucified


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america gives all citizens of the united states full rights, born there or not, as long as you are a citizen you have your rights, but if you aren't a citizen, resident ect you dont have full rights when going to court, of breaking a law