Mandala Glass

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What We Produce

At Mandala Glass we produce the most organic,pigmented stained glass in California! Our products range from small stained glass windows for hallways or large windows for homes and even businesses. When we produce our items we use only quality products that ensure longevity and quality!
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We package our glass in a 17 by 11 inch box with a height of 5 inches. When someone customizes their glass,we customize the box as well. When ordering circular glass we change our boxes from rectangular to cylindrical. The measurements then for the cylindrical packaging becomes customized to accommodate to the glass. When figuring out our box size we use the formulas we were once taught back in 7th grade.

Since most of our custom orders are circular, we usually end up with cylindrical boxes. When this happens our formula(V=πr2h) comes in handy. For example:

v=3.14 x 12 *2 x 6

That is our standard cylindrical box size that comes out to a volume of 2,714.34 cubed units.

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We're open 8-5 on Monday through Saturday! We're closed on any special events or holidays but contact us for more information!

Owner: Maryam Muhammad