Noah Webster

"The Father of Education"

How he was introduced to Education:

  • Grew up in an ordinary family in 1758
  • Thrived in education- loved to learn
  • Most others did not have a very good education but he was able to go to Yale.
  • Wanted to be a lawyer but was too poor=teacher

How he helped US

His thoughts

  • He saw the flaws in the system
  • Believed in American textbooks
  • Saw the difference in American speaking
  • He wanted to stray away from loyalty to England and expand on American individuality

What he did about them

  • A Grammatical Institute of the English Language- "Blue-Backed Speller"
  • He took what he saw in the classroom and put them in ^
  • In 1806 he published the 40,600-word A Compendious Dictionary of the American Language.
  • An American Dictionary of the English Language
  • Amherst Academy

Thank you Noah Webster!

  • He was the first idea to better our classrooms to the modern style they are in today
  • He led our country in education
  • The words we speak in today distinguish our country and are helpful in the classroom.
  • He is teaching learners how to become independent and take education in your own hands- revolution