Soar Report

Jan. 11-15

This Week's News

We are off and running today as we begin learning new standards!

Book It forms are in the homework folder!

Jackets- It is cold!! Please make sure that your child is wearing a jacket to school. We will still continue to go outside for recess.

Please mark your calendar...APTT is next Thursday, Jan. 21! I hope you to see a representative for each student!

Special's Schedule

Monday- computer

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- music

Thursday- computer

Friday- PE

Dates to Remember

Jan. 18- No school

Jan. 21- 100th Day of School

Jan. 21 APTT 5:30-6:30

This Week's Learning Goals

Letter/Sound of the Week: Zz

Sight Words: brown, did, will

CAFE/ELA- 3rd nine weeks learning goals

  • Identifying opposites
  • Identify, blend, and segment syllables
  • Add or substitute phonemes in simple words to make new words
  • Recognize common types of texts
  • Understand that sentences begin with with an uppercase letter and has space.

Math: 3rd nine weeks learning goals.

  • Counting to 100
  • Skip counting by 10's to 100
  • Describe measurable attributes of objects
  • Compare 2 objects with a measurable attribute in common

Social Studies/Science/Health Unit: Winter

APTT Goal- Counting to 100

Continue to work on counting to 100!