Quick, Fun, and Easy

iFunFace is an app that allows you to upload a picture and enhance it with bobble head features, recordings, and accessories. The project is then saved as a movie and can be shared in a variety of ways.

What a great option for students to show what they have learned about a particular lesson. This type of assessment would be a creative and quick way to check for understanding.

Step 1

The students should have a script prepared for the recording.

Example: List 1 thing that you learned today and how you would teach it to someone else.

Step 2

Find (or take one using the camera) the picture to be augmented.

Step 3

Open the iFunFace app and choose a photo from the options listed.

Step 4

Once the photo has been selected (up to 4 faces can be animated) a prompt will allow you to highlight the 1st face to be animated.

Step 5

Following the prompt in the upper right, you will then position the mouth and add accessories if desired.

Step 6

Now it's time to record!! You will notice that there are a few voices to choose from.

Step 7

When the video is complete, select the share button along the bottom right side of the page. This app condenses the movies into an mp4 for email.

Closing Thoughts

This app offers a simple and quick option for an alternative approach to an assignment. With filter options for photos, voice options for recordings, accessories available for the characters, and the ability to share the end product through email - try iFunFace to spice up your next lesson.

Through experience with the app, recording sessions should stay at approximately 1 minute or less. Larger recordings will not email or render to the camera roll properly.