St. Columba's Primary School


From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our apologies, we have inadvertently lost some data from this newsletter. Hopefully you will have had the opportunity to read the newsletter when it was sent out last term.

Students are back at school tomorrow (Wednesday, 27 April) - see you then.

God Bless.

Allen McMahon


Important dates

Wednesday, 27 April - Term 2 beings

Please note the following change of date for Catholic Day:

Previous date: Term 2 - Friday, 3 June

New date: Term 3 - Friday, 23 September (Pupil Free Day)

Merit award winners

Covid-19: When to send your child to school

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Feedback on Covid-19 Self Reporting Portal

Please use the link below to offer feedback on the COVID-19 Self-Reporting Portal.

Feedback Link: COVID-19 Self Reporting Portal

Commencing interviews for Kindy 2024 (new families)

We have commenced interviewing new families for Kindy 2024. If you know of families who may be interested in joining us, please encourage them to get in touch. Younger siblings of St Columba's students are not required to attend a Kindy interview, but must submit an Enrolment Application.
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Project Compassion 2022 - Due back tomorrow

Your generous support with our Project Compassion fundraising this term has helped to change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Thank you for joining us this Lent to raise much-needed funds for people living in poverty.

Together, we have make a difference now, and For All Future Generations.

Tomorrow, Friday 8 April, is the last day to bring back your Project Compassion boxes to the office.

We look forward to being able to share our collective total raised very soon!

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Canteen - no cash orders, even for small items

  • Orders must be placed by 9 am
  • All orders now online: Quickcliq
  • No Cash - icy poles, ice creams and small treats need to be ordered online.

If you are on roster and are unable to make your roster day, please endeavour to find a replacement and advise the office immediately via email.

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P&F News

Hi Everyone,

Hayley Mitchell

P&F President

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Pastoral Care Group

The St. Columba’s Pastoral Care Group has been running for over 6 years and aims to provide caring support within our school community. It provides confidential, appropriate and timely assistance for families in their time of need.

The Pastoral Care Group is able to provide:

1. Meal support to those in need. This will be achieved by providing fresh meals as required, made by volunteers within the school community.

2. Pick-ups/drop offs to and from school.

3. Canteen vouchers can be arranged to ease the burden of lunches, as well as frozen sandwiches, cakes and yoghurt.

This Christian example will allow our students to witness their parents serving and supporting others in our community.

The Pastoral Care Group has two points of contact:

1. School Office 6436 9500

(Amy Venturini or Andrea Creek)

2. Jenny Collins (Year 4 parent) 0418 944 835

Class Reps usually seek contact with the Pastoral Care Group when a need is identified.

A list is held of volunteers who are willing to assist with this confidential service.

When needed, volunteers are contacted by Jenny.


If you would like to volunteer to cook a meal or two throughout the year please contact Jenny or the School Office.

Your assistance would be much appreciated!

Dads of St. Columba's Footy Tipping 2022

Hello St. Columba’s Families,

Great tipping form was evident in our first week. Continuing their strong tipping form of last year sees Binns Clan take the honours as top tipster for the round, a solitary point in the margin difference separates the top 3 tipsters.

We have a strong 21 participants this year and it is isn’t too late to join. Entry is free and to enter go to, complete your registration and you are set.

Round 3 Results

1. Binns Clan – David B with 7 correct tips and a 1 point margin

2. ATG – Alan G also 7 correct tips and a 2 point margin

3. The Merenda Family – Lee M with 7 correct tips and a 2 point margin

4. Freo Donovan – Pat D with 7 correct tips and 4 point margin

5. Reneemethorst – Renee M with 7 correct tips and 12 points margin

6. Mat Smith – Mathew S with 7 correct tips and 21 point margin

Tonight sees Port Adelaide take on Melbourne with the game starting at 5:40pm WA time – don’t forget to get tips in and margin.

All the best with your tipping.


Todd Dawson

Entertainment Books

The year starts from the date of purchase of your Entertainment Book.

Scholastic Books

Cash payments are no longer accepted. Payments can be made by credit card - Visit or download the LOOP app. Your order will be electronically linked to the rest of your school's order. You do not need to complete the order form.

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Term 2 Calendar

School Term Dates

Term 1: Monday, 31 January to Friday, 8 April 2022

Term 2: Wednesday, April 27 to Friday, 1 July 2022

Term 3: Tuesday, 19 July to Friday, 23 September 2022

Term 4: Tuesday, 11 October to Friday, 9 December 2022

Pupil Free Dates

Term 2: Tuesday, 26 April

Term 3: Monday, 18 July, Friday, 19 August 2022 and Friday, 23 September

Term 4: Monday, 10 October 2022

Sacrament Dates

Confirmation: Saturday, 28 May at 6pm

Eucharist: Sunday, 19 June at 9:30am

Reconciliation: Saturday, 12 November at 10am